Most Expensive Shoes in the World Can’t Sell

The most expensive pair of shoes in the world can’t sell. It’s surprising. Usually stars like Jennifer Lopez rush to buy exclusive things but this time no one got interested. Actually, there were plenty of people interested but for five months not a single pair was sold.

most expensive shoes

The shoes, which cost a staggering £140,000 ($319,460), are made entirely from solid gold and more than 2,000 diamonds. The design is simple enough though.

The pricey shoe was produced by British jewellery designer Christopher Michael Shellis, who said it took him three years to complete the item. Talking about selling his unique shoe he said:

At the moment there have been a lot of enquiries and talks – but nothing concrete just yet. The shoes have created a real buzz, but there is still a long way to go. We’ve had discussions with certain people but I can’t say who.”

The designer of the most expensive shoe also told what his aim of creating the pieces was:

The aim of this was to create a unique form of jewellery which you can wear on your feet. It’s a bit like if you found these on an archaeological dig in thousands of years time they would be regarded as a treasure – a treasure of the feet. But like any great treasure it will remain as beautiful as the day it was created – and we even offer an ‘eternity’ guarantee lasting 1,000 years.”

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