Rihanna and Manolo Blahnik Designed Shoe Collection Together

In an unlikely collaboration Rihanna and Manolo Blahnik have designed a limited-edition shoe collection made of denim and RiRi’s hand tattoo decorations and comes out in May. With pieces ranged from $895 to $3,995 the thigh high boots were the most expensive ones to make so they only did 45 of them.

Called Denim Desserts the line consists of six styles including strappy sandals, sequined backless shoes, and two pairs of boots, one of which extends up to waist and conveniently features a belt with a signature Manolo Blahnik buckle.

Both designer and singer were excited for the collaboration. Manolo BLahnik said:

This is an incredibly exciting collaboration and I am absolutely thrilled with the results – working with Rihanna has been amazing and her drive, passion, creativity and style has been reflected in the designs, with fabulous results. I think everyone is going to love what they are about to see.

Rihanna promised to ask women wearing her shoes for a selfie:

The day I see a woman in the street wearing my shoes…I am sorry for that woman because I’m going to literally run after her, shouting, ‘Stop! Selfie! Who are you? Where did you get them?’ I’m going to have a moment.”

Rih-vi by Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik
Rih Vi’s
Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik Sea Salts
Sea Salts
Dancehall Cowgirl by Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik
Dancehall Cowgirl
Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik thigh high boots
All images via PopSugar
Rihanna Vogue UK
Rihanna on April cover of British Vogue

She also posed for the British Vogue, which comes out in April wearing her thigh high boots in a photoshoot. What do you think about her collection and cover?