Rupert Sanderson Spring 2014 Campaign

Rupert Sanderson Spring 2014 Campaign
Rupert Sanderson Spring 2014 Campaign

Are you looking for something to load your boyfriend with? In case your beloved struggles with a holiday gift for you, you can generously give him a hand. The solution is very simple indeed. He can delight you with a huge box of sweets for now, but the real present is yet to come. Why can’t he present it now, you wonder. Simply because it is not available yet. I am talking about Rupert Sanderson newest collection, which will be on the stands very soon. Once you see the items from his line, you will understand why it is worth to wait for so long. The only problem here lies with compelling your boyfriend to spent half a fortune on a pair of shoes. But before that, check out the magnificent Rupert Sanderson Spring 2014 campaign.

Rupert Sanderson Spring/Summer 2014 Ads

Rupert Sanderson knows how to make a lady happy. More than that, with each of his collections he stuns us more and more. This designer always releases incredible pairs of shoes and other accessories. None of them can leave a woman untouched, unless she is an absolutely heartless human being.

The most amazing thing about this Spring/Summer 2014 campaign is that it features snakes. Yes, I am not mistaken, real snakes – these crawling and sometimes horrifying creatures. I bet the poor models had some terrible nightmares for quite a long time after the photoshoot was done. I, personally, wouldn’t be able to pose normally in such a company. Good thing we don’t see the faces of the ladies – I am pretty sure, there would be nothing except for extreme fear and despair. This is how Sanderson himself commented on the photoshoot:

In the first shot, there was a lot of screaming! But as the day progressed, everyone became so used to having the snakes around. It was more about their silhouettes and the graphic shapes they were making than the snakes themselves. We wanted something dynamic and fascinating to watch.

I wonder where this idea came from. And how elaborate should be one’s mind to come up with something like that. How many designers tap animals in their ads? Yes, domestic ones are pretty fine, right? All those cuddly cats and cute puppies work pretty well. But a snake is something beyond a regular perception of a fashion photoshoot. This proves one more time that this designer is not just a simple person. Sanderson possesses so much creativity and individualistic approach that it is impossible to not admire him.

Rupert Sanderson Spring 2014 campaign offers six pairs of footwear and one bag. All the pieces are featured along with the differently colored snakes, which add a somewhat creepy touch to the line. You will spot some adorable items like bright turquoise scarpins with gold heels or magnificent sandals in black and white. Every piece of this line is incredibly adorable and enchanting, so no wonder that I want all of them.

Rupert Sanderson Spring/Summer 2014 ads create a very spring mood. This is exactly what we need on a chilly winter day, especially when Christmas is around and we are ready to celebrate it. Check out the gallery and enjoy the gorgeous collection by this wonderful designer. I am pretty sure you will be in deep love with all the items, but there should be one that speaks to you the most. Make your decision and share with us. As for me, my favorite piece is a pair of marvelous sandals in lust red, one of my favorite colors.

  • Those are too gorgeous, their the pfceert fall/winter shoe, tall enough to make your legs look long low enough to not kill after the first fifteen-minutes. I really want these shoes now :)