Sarah Jessica Parker Released Shoe Line

SJP shoe line by Sarah Jessica Parker
SJP shoe line by Sarah Jessica Parker

People say that the true jewels have multiple talents. The more news about various celebrities I check out, the more convinced I become. Just look at the number of movie stars who release music albums or design saucy clothing. It can be vice versa and actually go in different directions. One can be really amazed at the extent to which the famous people are creative and initiative. This was the case when I figured out that Sarah Jessica Parker designs her line of clothing and footwear. The Sex and the City star has probably earned so much money so far that she could perfeclty go through a couple of extra lifetimes. Yet, she went beyond her current achievements and shared her fashion taste in a very specific way. Read on and take a look at the SJP shoe line by Sarah Jessica Parker.

SJP Shoe Line by Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP shoe line was created in collaboration with George Malkemus, CEO of Manolo Blahnik. This mere fact should already draw your attention. However, I don’t think that I really need to attract you in any way. It is about Parker after all – and her famous Carrie Bradshaw character. This is how the star commented on her new venture:

I’ve taken inspiration from things in my life such as the grosgrain ribbons I tied in my hair as a girl, to the flower accents from ‘The Sex and the City’ wardrobe, to references to classic styles from the late Seventies and early Eighties. I’m a firm believer in quality and timelessness and have created this collection with the hopes that women will love wearing it for years to come.

The prices for the 44 gorgeous footwear pieces range from $195 to $500. You will be totally overwhelmed by various styles and color combinations that are offered within the line. Browse through the gallery and enjoy the appeal of  SJP shoe line.