Stuart Weitzman ‘Jump’ Peep-Toe Bootie

Stuart Weitzman 'Jump' Peep-Toe Bootie in Tan Nubuc
Stuart Weitzman ‘Jump’ Peep-Toe Bootie in Tan Nubuc

Are you looking for a new piece to drool over? Here it is, waiting for you as well. Stuart Weitzman released a new piece from his adorable footwear collection. What can be better than a pair of greatly designed and beautiful booties? Right – nothing. Especially, when it is Christmas time and all you want is another gift from our dear Santa. The world is your oyster – you just need to write another letter to the white-bearded man on the sledges. Who knows, maybe you will find a box with Stuart Weitzman label at your door the very next day? Anyway, these booties are worth dreaming of forever. I am sure you will get the reason behind it, once you check out the saucy piece yourself.

‘Jump’ Peep-Toe Bootie: Christmas Gift by Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman is a famous shoe designer who manages to create mind-blowing pieces. The international, high-end shoe company features some adorable pieces of footwear that won’t leave any lady untouched. Stuart Weitzman is continuing his father’s business and, one has to admit, he is doing it quite well.

Stuart Weitzman 'Jump' Peep-Toe Bootie in Black Nappa
Stuart Weitzman ‘Jump’ Peep-Toe Bootie in Black Nappa

This time the brand shared a pair of stylish “Jump” peep-toe booties. The model is available in two colors: Black Nappa and Tan Nubuc. The piece can be already purchased at the price of $498.00. I have always wondered why the companies would set such an awkward price, instead of rounding it to tens. There must be some marketing logic behind it: the less is the price, the more likely is the customer to buy it.

‘Jump’ Peep-Toe Bootie by Stuart Weitzman is a valuable asset to your own collection of shoes. Although you won’t be able to wear it outside right now, you can save the stylish pair until the warm spring days. I bet, the booties will perfectly match all of your outfits as well as add a glamorous touch.