Taylor Swift & Her Keds Collection

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

I assume there is no need to introduce this blonde stunner. Taylor Swift is well-known around the world and maybe even throughout the universe. This young lady has achieved such a mesmerizing success, that it’s hard to believe now that just a couple of years ago she was a regular girl, attending college and going to dates. Now things changed dramatically: she is no longer within a mere mortal’s reach. Which is not surprising at all: with such an intensive agenda it would be hard to even have a proper sleep. She keeps releasing fantastic tracks that become super hits immediately. Yet, this time she decided to go beyond her main  sphere and tried herself in fashion. Not that she didn’t do it before  – all her red carpet looks speak for themselves. What she shared though is a line of footwear pieces, designed in collaboration with Keds.

Keds Footwear Line: Taylor Swift

Keds Spring 2014 collection has been released just recently, but I am sure by now plenty of people have fallen in love with it. And it’s not only because of the footwear pieces themselves, but also due to Taylor’s involvement into the designing process. This wonderful lady contributed a lot to the newest line, coming up with 11 shoe styles. All her creations are based on Keds’ most popular Champion sneaker.

The saucy pieces will definitely speak to those ladies who prefer casual or sport style. However, even if you prefer pumps and high heels, a pair of such sneakers will never hurt, especially if it is outlined by Taylor Swift. There are quite engaging color combinations that give a lot of room to choose. Check out the gallery and enjoy the latest achievement of the world star and her commitment to the universe of fashion.