Ugg-type Russian Felt Boots – Valenki

I have never been to Russia and actually know very little about Russian fashion and designers. But two days ago my friend returned from a business trip to this mysterious country and brought me a pair of felt boots which the Russians call ‘Valenki’. I was amazed to see the Ugg-type footwear that looked… attractive!!! I hate Uggs for their horrible look, lack of style and elegance. Valenki are totally different.


Besides being very pretty these boots provide great comfort, but they do have a drawback – they are made of wool and have no hard soles, so you just walk on that wool fabric. As my friend has told me Russian winter is normally very frosty and rather dry with no puddles or mud, so they don’t need the stiff sole to be attached to the boot. So, valenki turned out rather unpractical for our climate : (((


I’ve made a little research and found out that valenki have been Russian traditional footwear for many centuries. Then in the middle of the 20th century they became unpopular and only now returned. Modern versions of valenki are designed with embroidery, sequins, stones, ribbons and plenty of other type of adornment to every taste. They can come in various colors, too.


My valenki are black with flowers embroidered on them. And you know, I think I’m going to attach soles to them and wear on the regular basis. Hope it works.))

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  • Hi! Actually we do have overshoes made of rubber that we put on the valenki. So If it is wet in the street we put it on. It called galoshes.

  • I share the same sentiment as you regarding Uggs! The Valenki is really pretty. Too bad they aren’t puddle & mud proof. I would have loved to share the Ugg “competitor” with the world (just so we have another option :-)

  • I really want to buy a very beautifully created pair of valenki’s. I want to know where I can buy some?

  • I think you should google online stores that sell valenki boots. They can be Russian stores but people can speak English well there, too.

  • You can wear them in the wet using “galoshes”, it’s a sort of gum shoe in which you insert the boot. Bye !

  • Wonder where I can find (if they are for sale) the ones just like on the picture above?

  • Het Irina, did you find the valenki’s like on the picture? I hope you did! They’re awesome!
    Greetings Anne