Artistic Prada Fall 2014

 Prada Fall 2014
Prada Fall 2014

Prada always releases wonderful collections. However, unlike all the other brands, the Italian giant designs outfits for truly artistic people. From the first glimpse you might not get the essence of the line, yet the more you look, the deeper you fall for it. Miuccia Prada has a very elaborate set of mind and unique vision, which both can be tracked down in her collections. Such a great combination of textures, colors and styles is not featured in any other collection. Besides, I am pretty sure that even if it were, the fashion community would not react the same way. It is Prada after all and the world is its oyster. Take a look at the label’s Fall 2014 collection and see how much of the aesthetic appreciation you possess.

Prada Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Line

To start, there is a very saucy accessory that is present in all Prada 2014 looks. A delicate silk scarf in lust red is tied around every single models’s neck. I believe this is some kind of a central concept of the collection. Prada draws attention to the most tender part of woman’s body – and I am positive that the gentlemen would appreciate it a lot.

Besides the red accessory, every single outfit is saturated with an aristocratic touch. The uniqueness of this line is that not every lady will be able to wear its pieces. Only those ones who possess enough noblity and confidence are likely to feel comfortable in Prada’s fur jackets, atlas dresses, printed coats, and elegant shoes. The colors featured in the line are very engaging too: red, gray, black, gold, bronze, brown, pine green, purple, yellow, olive, turquoise, and deep blue.

Browse through the images to see the full Prada collection for Fall 2014.