Asymmetry & Prints in Mary Katrantzou Fall 2014

Mary Katrantzou Fall 2014
Mary Katrantzou Fall 2014

Mary Katrantzou released an astonishing collection of Fall 2014 outfits. These ensembles are extremely saucy and engaging. And it’s not only due to the bright patterns and unique fit of the clothing pieces. There is something more in the line. Something that hypnotizes you from the very first moment you spot it. If you see the first outfit, don’t even try to struggle the desire to enjoy the rest. This show tells a story – a story of a woman with mysterious past and interesting present. Read on to find out more about the collection as well as to see the mesmerizing images.

Mary Katrantzou Fall 2014  Collection

Mary Katrantzou featured a whole range of materials fro her fall/Winter 2014/2015 collection. You can spot here anything from chiffon and tulle to velvet and lace. Whenever a designer mixes so many types of fabric in one composition, there are two possible outcomes: a complete mess and failure or an absolute success. Katrantzou’s case is obviously the second one. You don’t have to be a brilliant fashion critique to notice this fact.

What the designer presented this time looks very attractive indeed. Adorable dresses with asymmetrical hem and splash of texture definitely stand out from the crowd. The more moderate pant suits, but with fabulous prints too, will fit your office wear wardrobe just perfectly. Blazers and coats look the least adorned, yet this is exactly what keeps the healthy balance of the collection. I can’t imagine what it would look like if the designer didn’t add these plain pieces.

Mary Katrantzou  offered excellent outfits for both daily closet and the evening wear. I doubt that anyone of those who checked out the line didn’t like a single piece. Moreover, I am sure that there will be more than one.

  • Floral is a wnroedful trend for all the wnroedful reasons. I love all three of your picks but I guess dress no.2 defines me the most. P.S. Would love to swap links with you.