Fur Obsession in Fendi Fall 2014

Fendi Fall 2014
Fendi Fall 2014

If you are a big fan of fur, cheer up! Fendi seems to be the one as well, since the brand released a marvelous line of outfits for Fall/Winter 2014/2015. The clothing pieces are not necessarily made out of fur, but almost all of them feature the fluffy styling. I don’t consider myself to be in deep love with this type of material, but even my heart made salto when I saw the images. I am pretty sure you will feel the same thing regardless of whether you like fur or not. Unless you are a loyal activist of Greenpeace, scroll down to see the beautiful designs by Fendi.

Fendi Fall 2014 Collection

Besides the fur details, the Italian brand presented a whole bunch of yummy pieces to drool over. The collection seems to be a mixture of punk, 60s and Russian fashion. These chunky coats with a couple of layers and huge collars remind me of the black and white pictures of the Soviet ladies that we saw in the newspapers and books. It might be quite a weird connection, but this was the first thing that came to my mind.

The color palette of Fendi line is very moderate. You won’t spot any vibrant shades, but this is probably what you need. With so many extra details and such rich fabric, the last thing you want to have is pieces in neon green or lust red. After all, the outfits can be bright in other ways.

Fendi Fall/Winter 2014/2015 line deserves to be checked out. It offers a slightly different view at the woman’s beauty, but since when Fendi has been classic and predictable? The unique and creative solutions are exactly what we love the label for.