Moschino Fall 2014: Candies, Sponge Bob & McDonald’s

Moschino Fall 2014
Moschino Fall 2014

If you were wondering how creative a designer might be, I have an answer. What you see below will make your eyes roll in surprise and excitement, for I am sure you have never spotted anything like that before. Sponge Bob character featured on the runway of high-end fashion week – how many times have you heard about it? I bet, not a single one. And this is not the only surprise awaiting for you. Moschino Fall 2014 broke all the standards and went beyond the regular image of a Ready-to-Wear collection. Read on to learn more about this amazing Fall 2014 line.

Moschino Fall 2014 Collection

Moschino offered a super engaging collection this time. Not that it rarely does, but this particular one goes beyond any comparison and competition. If you are a big fan of individualistic and creative clothing pieces, this is what you need. These outfits are not necessarily delicate and elegant, yet, they feature another positive qualities. If you wear one of the collection ensembles, be sure – you won’t go unnoticed.

The line is so bright that you won’t be able to forget it. All the articles are grouped in several blocks, according to the theme they represent. You will be overwhelmed by the new McDonald’s uniform that the brand released. The Sponge Bob outfits will certainly recreate the funniest memories of the first time the sea creature was introduced to the public. The final accord of the show is something everyone will like. Adorable dresses with candy wrap prints are designed in such a fabulous way that it is impossible to not love them.

Moschino Fall 2014 is not similar to any other collection we have checked out so far. The unique outfits are created in order to blow our minds  – and I am pretty sure that they do.

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  • Hahahhaa that dog is a wonderful mop of hair, I love it :)Very ittsreening, Chris March & Christian Sciriano from Project Runway 5 used this trend for their collections, using feathers and human hair, respectively. It’s definitely not for me, but it sure is original. And as for the title of that one post, I can’t belive I mistook ‘You’re’ and ‘your’!! D: What grade am I in?! Jeez louise. Thanks for pointing it out, I’m fixing it immediately ;)peace&lovenico.e