Tom Ford Fall 2014: Edgy Elegance

Tom Ford Fall 2014
Tom Ford Fall 2014

Tom Ford offered quite engaging looks within the Fall 2014 runway show. The fashion house decided to stick to its usual style and avoided any significant changes. You are not likely to see any romantic silhouettes or rich embellishments. This is not what the brand normally presents. Yet, don’t get disappointed – Tom Ford has never failed in its mission to create and spread beauty. What you will spot in this line goes beyond the fixed stereotypes about a lady. Tom Ford woman is not delicate or fragile; quite the contrary, she is strong, initiative and bold. If you recognized yourself in the above desciption, don’t waist any more time and enjoy the fabulous collection.

Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2014/2015

Tom Ford sees female beauty from a different perspective. And to be frank, I really appreciate it. There are so many designers who stress the feminine part of our personalities, that sometimes we forget about the tougher one. The one that tends to come out whenever there are any issues to solve. In such cases we desperately need a set of outfits that would encouarge us to make solid decisions. This is what the brand offers this time.

Black velvet, red leather, multicolored fur and leopard prints – this is what Tom Ford features in his Fall 2014 collection. All the outfits are extremely bold and bright. Even the ones in solely balck create an impression that won’t be forgotten for quite a while. There is a touch of nasty attitude, although the clothing pieces look very decent. Nothing vulgar or epatage, yet somehow they create an image of funky girl who wouldn’t follow the rules that easily.

Browse through the images below to get a full understanding of what Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2014/2015 collection is about.