Versace Fall 2014 Collection

Versace Fall 2014
Versace Fall 2014 Collection

Versace has presented a super fabulous collection. Donatella has always been on top of it, but a couple of the latest seasons I wasn’t that much impressed. However, things drastically changed with the Fall/Winter 2014/2015 line. What my eyes spotted here was impossible to be ignored. Of course I fell in love with all the saucy outfits released and showed off by the pretty models. Yet, there are some particluar ones that captured my attention the most. Read on to find out more about Versace fall 2014 collection as well as about the most stunning pieces of the runway show.

Versace Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Line

The Italian fashion house knows for sure how to set trends the best. I bet, quite a number of pieces designed by Versace became super hits in the aftermath. I believe it is a great ability to predict future. Yet, things may go totally different and your predictions might stay mere assumptions. This is even more intense in the world of fashion. You have to carefully weigh each of your collections before you let the public see.

Donatella Versace created a marvelous line – you will be overwhlemed by the a great number of outfits that you will actually like. Adorable coats, dresses and shirts in various styles and textures just amaze. What I liked the most actually is color palette of the ensembles. Lust red, pine green, snow white, classic black, and neon yellow are all super cool.

Versace Fall 2014 collection totally deserves to be checked out. If you were looking for inspiration during the course of the month, take it as your chance to enrich your fashion knowledge. Have a look at the images below and enjoy your day!

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