Layers & Textures In Jean Paul Gaultier Men’s Lookbook Winter 2013

French haute couture fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier has recently released menswear lookbook for Fall/Winter 2013 that can be characterized by expansive use of many different textures and layers by which the designer tried to convey his vision of fashion for the colder season. For more menswear inspiration by Jean Paul Gaultier, read on.

Fall 2013 Menswear By Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier Menswear Lookbook Fall 2013

Menswear By J.P. Gaultier For Winter 2013

The first thing that is really apparent from the first glance at the collection is the abundance of various textures. We see leather and then comes the usual fabric of jackets and then again unexpected textured knitwear, and this time it is over the traditional men’s jacket. Especially surprising looks the layering of various textures that dominates and guides the whole collection. One of the major outfits that conveys the essence of the whole collection is the cropped jacket over the patterned sweater, pictured above.

Jean Paul Gaultier is considered a highly artistic designer, that has been participating in various controversial fashion projects, including his collaboration with Marilyn Manson and this of course is quite visible in his recent collection. The Fall/Winter 2013 lookbook is full of outerwear pieces and that is of course quite understandable, however, the outerwear itself is rather oversized.

Jean Paul Gaultier Menswear Lookbook Fall 2013

Most Provocative Outfit By J.P. Gaultier From Winter 2013 Lookbook

Another thing about the collection is the color orientation: the lookbook is almost entirely in blue hues. From midnight blue to powder blue the collection stubbornly follows its own way, emerging occasionally with light hues of beige, and weird burgundy outbursts. One of most provocative outfits is the one pictured above. The leather sleeves along with embroidered black transparent shirt make the look appear somewhat morbid, and maybe that was an intention of Gaultier. Although some of the pieces do seem quite conventional, overall the collection is really high-standard, refined and very original, suiting mostly the young and daring.