London Men’s Fashion Week Started Spring/Summer 2014 Season

Burberry Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 2014

Burberry Prorsum

If you are a stylish, good-looking man with a discount card in half of your city’s brand shops, you have absolutely no right to pass by this post. Ladies, don’t get frustrated, I am not going to exclude you! I am pretty sure you are super mindful girlfriends who do care about what your soulmates look  like. Here is another topic to discuss with your beloved ones as well as an extra excuse to go shopping together.

Men’s Fashion Week Opened Spring/Summer 2014 Season

Margaret Howell Menswear Spring/Summer 2014

Margaret Howell

June 16 gave a start to Men’s Fashion Week in London, which traditionally opened the Spring/Summer 2014 season. Celebrities, fashion observers, famous bloggers, and other guests had a chance to enjoy collections of Topman Design, Alexander McQueen, J.W.Anderson, Lee Roach, Burberry Prorsum, Nicole Farhi, Kolor, Pringle of Scotland, and many other fashion brands. Some of the collections astound with obvious lateral thinking of the designers, whereas others please with a fresh view of the classic approach. A number of outfits threw me into an ongoing process of questioning the gender identity of the models. However, a lot of the presented items totally sidetracked me from what I was doing and served a purpose completely different from the original one. Not until I caught myself staring at another incredibly handsome and well-built guy packed in Nicole Farhi masterpiece for about five minutes, that I finally realised he or anyone else wouldn’t come out of my laptop’s screen and propose me. So I quit dreaming and set off back to work.

Lee Roach Menswear Spring/Summer 2014

Lee Roach

In Burberry Prorsum’s point of view dark colors sound too boring. Every single look demonstrates high individuality and great self-confidence. Colorful scarves, patterned ties, and awesome shoes (especially those red ones) are accents too obvious to stay unnoticed.

Apparently, Nicole Farhi decided not to experiment with a splash of colors. Besides, this collection does not need any bright colors. All the outfits look so elegant and sophisticated, that there would be no point to add anything more. My personal vote goes to this brand!

Kolor Menswear Spring/Summer 2014


Margaret Howell’s collection was most likely inspired by a relaxed life of a young megapolis man. He doesn’t seem to spend a lot of time on his appearance or image, but we know that his careless look is actually a result of hard work. Every detail from a cute black hat to a half-buttoned  jacket creates such an impression.

Kolor opted for a very artistic and brooding character. He seems to be tough and gentle at the same time. This collection creates an image of a hero that will save you from a bad guy and disappear without introducing himself.

Lee Roach found inspiration in a more down-to-earth guy. He is strong, confident, and brave. His life credo is free of stereotypes. One day he might ride a bike, wearing a black leather jacket. The other day he may go for classic, but in his own interpretation.

Nicole Farhi Menswear Spring/Summer 2014

Nicole Farhi

I have already shared with you my opinion on the collections of the London Fashion Week. What do you think?

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