Calvin Klein Resort 2014 Collection Inspired by Ellsworth Kelly

Calvin Klein Resort Collection 2014

Calvin Klein Resort Collection 2014

Dear ladies, if you have not purchased a gym membership yet, you better do it now! Here is a very worthy reason to torture yourself on a treadmill trainer or a fitness cycle. If you are about to share your super reasonable excuses, I have Plan B ready for you – simply do a morning run! Whatever you choose, it will bring you a mile closer to the finish line on the long track towards perfection. And the trophy won’t disappoint you, trust me! Calvin Klein has launched a Resort collection that will make your mouths water. Make sure you have enough Cleenex to wipe the drops off and get a list of gyms in your city.

Calvin Klein Resort 2014 Collection

Francisco Costa, the Women’s Creative Director of Calvin Klein Collection, was inspired by an American painter Ellsworth Kelly and his unique style. Kelly’s artistic approach can be spotted in the simplicity of lines and color minimalism of the presented items. White skirts and blazers along with wide trousers and unbuttoned coats give an incredibly relaxed and easy feeling. An obvious highlight of the resort collection is a bra top so playfully uncovering a slender waistline of the models. Which is exactly why you need to work so hard on a treadmill. What can be a better match for a cool summer evening on the beach than a stylish midriff-baring top covered with a light blazer? You don’t want to give it all away, remember? A tiny strip of your velvety skin would be enough to activate minds of all the male cuties around.

Neutral shades are diluted with some emerald green, saturated blue, safari brown, and elegant black splashes of color. Ellsworth Kelly’s The Meschers obviously served as an inspiration for the Women’s Creative Director of Calvin Klein Collection. Dark green and deep blue painting has an obvious relation to a belted blue suede dress and unbuttoned green suede coat. The criss-cross sandals perfectly complete lightness and self-efficiency of all the looks.

Calvin Klein Resort Collection

Calvin Klein Resort Collection models and Ellsworth Kelly’s The Meschers (in the middle)

Now that I tempted you with the outstanding Resort collection created by Francisco Costa, it is quite the time for you to astonish everyone around with your marvellous outfit that sits perfectly on all your curves. Get some inspiration, a water bottle, and a pair of good sneakers. In case the first one is hard to find, check out the gallery. Ready, Set, Go!