Chanel Cruise Show 2014 In Monochromatic Shades

Chanel Resort 2014

Chanel Cruise 2014 Fashion Show in Singapore

Karl Lagerfeld set the 2014 Chanel Cruise catwalk show in Singapore on May 9. It was one of the most modest Chanel shows comparing to the previous ones. This show was held in the ancient British army barracks, which allowed best portraying the low-key aesthetic. These barracks significantly differed from previous locations that we used to see in the Chanel’s 2013 Versailles resort show and the latest Fall 2013 show, which oozed excessive luxury and chic.

As we could expect, the size of the show was quite small when comparing to the standard Chanel shows. There were a few seating rows in the subdued-looking barrack, which were adorned with paint peeling on the walls. As for the garments, they seemed to be as chic as usual since Chanel is synonym for luxury and elegance, however with subdued allure.

Lagerfeld told:

I like the idea that it’s not impeccable. There’s a romantic charm that new things cannot always have. It’s not [just] about the historical details, but also the mood.

Color shades were limited to the classy black and white hues diluted with light pastel accents, so the brightest color in the show were the models’ eyes accentuated with turquoise eye liner. Collection featured evening-appropriate outfits and cricket-inspired garments in the monochromatic palette with pastel touches.

According to Wikipedia, the cruise collection (also called resort or pre-Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter) includes clothing intended for holidays and traveling, which was not included in the seasonal Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections demonstrated at the major fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, New York and London.

Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Chanel, is renowned for staging his striking fashion shows for Resort and Cruise collection in the exotic locales like Versailles and Scottish castle. This time he decided to conquer the world’s richest city and opted for Singapore according to the Wall Street Journal.

This is a highly important event for the fashion industry of Singapore, since it is the first time an upscale fashion label decides to have the global launch of the collection here. This way Singapore will reinforce its position among the leading fashion capitals of the world.

Chanel Cruise Fashion Show 2014

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  • I learned who Coco Chanel was when I was in pehraps the 4th grade, from my grandmother who owned a dress shop in a very, very small midwestern town. Grandma’s shop did not carry Chanel, but on her yearly buying trips to the Chicago garment district, she would select a special piece for herself. And I remember that her bedroom bureau always contained just one pretty bottle of perfume: Chanel No. 5. I still can get a whiff of that fragrance when I am out in public, and I immediately recognize it, and think of my grandma. It was during my high school years that I began to fully admire Coco Chanel, when I first read her quote, “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” I dare say, that was the first time a quote from anyone really, truly resonated with me. What a special, remarkable, individual, compelling artist and woman. Cheers to Chanel!