Kenzo Resort 2014 Back To Childhood Collection

There is barely any adult person who does not miss his childhood. We take a stroll down memory lane and recall those shiny and naive days. Everything seemed to be so perfect and wonderful back then, that sometimes I pray for a time machine to be invented. Wouldn’t it be great to fly in time and experience those happy moments and sweet memories again? My desire becomes even stronger, whenever I spot anything that reminds me of my childhood. This is exactly what happened when my eyes, definitely with a great joy, were scrutinizing photos of Kenzo Resort 2014 lookbook.

Dive Into Your Childhood Memories with Kenzo Resort 2014 Collection

Kenzo Resort 2014 collection
Dream wedges

It was a sweet fluffy cotton candy and a strawberry bubble gum that came to my mind, when I saw the collection pieces. Or a lovely Barbie doll that all the small girls adore so much. Looks like I am not the only one with such association. The photographer, obviously, had an image of dolls in his mind as well. The models, posing for him, seem to be out of this world, not aware of all the earthly concerns that we are bothered with.

Two blondes with absolutely emotionless faces and arms along their bodies look as if they were ready to be packed and moved in with their lucky owner. Fancy sunglasses hide their eyes, but even without them I doubt anything would change. I can imagine how hard it is to stand like a mannequin without any expression. Nonetheless I would be for it with all my limbs, if I had such a chance to wear one of these gorgeous shoulderless crop tops and trendy high-waisted shorts. My guess is I would opt for the light yellow bottom and dark top.

Kenzo Resort 2014 collection
Barbie (right) in a fuchsia dress

Have you ever had a Christmas wish to turn into Barbie? I am sure these slender young ladies have. And guess what, wishes come true! If you had an identity test, it would be hard to tell the difference between the blonde on the right and the actual doll. Not only the way she stands, but also a yummy fuchsia mini dress she is wearing, create such an impression. I would add a beautiful maxi necklace with stones and a couple of bracelets to complete the look.

An outfit that immediately hit my heart is a white top with a huge K and Paris print paired with a black and white striped skirt. A W-shaped bottom of the skirt adds some funky flavour to the look. And the way the model wears her sunglasses made me stare at the picture for a minute before I figured out what it was on her neckline. But what I love the most about this look, and so will you, ladies, is her outstanding blue and turquoise wedges. I want them so desperately that I am about to dive into my LCD screen and snaffle these gorgeous shoes.

Kenzo Resort 2014 collection
Kenzo Resort 2014 jumpsuit

For a yacht trip I would dress into a true blue jumpsuit with a cute bow on the waistline. A saucy bright orange bracelet would look cool on my gracile wrist. I would wear the same wedges that I sneaked two minutes ago, hopefully the blonde would not register the fact of her bare feet.

Now that you got inspired with these wondrous outfits it is time to check the gallery for more reasons to get jealous and obsessed with Kenzo 2014 Resort collection.