Nicolas Ghesquière Puts On A Show For Louis Vuitton Resort Collection In Rio

Louis Vuitton Resort 2017 collection was presented last week in Rio at Niterói Contemporary Art Museum. The show attended by the likes of Zendaya, Jaden Smith, and Alicia Vikander was mostly made of sporty cut out dresses in punchy colors, leather jackets, and short skirts.

The majority of the collection is sporty dresses that some with asymmetrical skirts, big zippers and other athletic wear-like details. This is especially fitting before the Olympic games set to take place in Rio this year and the booming athleisure and activewear trend.

Some of the other eye-catchy designs included old military-style jackets, bright sequined skirts, and a that one strict military coat that made its way to the Resort collection.

Louis Vuitton Resort 2017 Show in Rio

Louis Vuitton blue and black dress

Louis Vuitton blue leather

Louis Vuitton bomber jacket

Louis Vuitton button dress

Louis Vuitton checkered sweater

Louis Vuitton coat

Louis Vuitton dress 2

Louis Vuitton dress over metallic top

Louis Vuitton dress

Louis Vuitton khaki mini dress

Louis Vuitton red dress

Louis Vuitton ruffle dress

Louis Vuitton turuqoise leather

Louis Vuitton white jacket