Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2014

Model at Calvin Klein Spring 2014 fashion show
Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2014 collection

Sometimes we get so fed up with the elaborate patterns and excessive details that life tends to endow us with. All we want to have is something simple and effortless. I assume this is exactly what Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2014 collection offers. Unlike most of the previous collections, this one does not feature any studs or sequins or all those decorative elements that designers seem to love so much. Neither does it appear to give that super hot and tempting appeal to the models, which we are all used to seeing on the runway. Nonetheless, all the pieces appear to be very beautiful and stylish, which is the main point of any collection.

Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2014: Thumbs Up To Simplicity

What I like the most about Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2014 collection is the baggy silhouette that can be tracked down through the whole line. Thigh-skimming dresses stressing your voluptuous body – this is what you are most unlikely to spot here. Flying hemlines and loose edges add a taste of freedom to the overall impression of the collection.

Francisco Costa, Calvin Klein’s creative designer, opted for white as the main color accent of the newest line. Which is not surprising at all, taking into account that both spring and summer are associated with something light and clear. Plus, white has proved to be the leading shade through the last couple of seasons anyway. To set off the innocence of the brand’s Spring/Summer 2014 line, Costa added black, salmon pink, cadet gray, fern green, raw umber, pistachio and cream – quite an impressive color range.

One thing I liked about Calvin Klein’s show is that it also pointed out the fringe trend. Like I said before, it wasn’t something I considered myself to be a fan of, but since fringe is getting into the trend position more and more, I might change my mind. In this particular collection it doesn’t have any touch of the country style, don’t worry. Quite the contrary, it gives a very elegant look to the dresses, skirts and pants.

Browse through the gallery to get a full idea of what Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2014 collection offers. I am pretty positive, you all will find an elegant outfit that hits you to the depth of your soul.

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