Delicate and Chic Blumarine Spring/Summer 2014

Blumarine Spring/Summer 2014
Blumarine Spring/Summer 2014 collection

Beautiful! That is the most appropriate word to describe Spring/Summer 2014 collection by Blumarine. Not just stylish, trendy or cool. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. I will make it clear. We are all used to admiring things that appear to be somewhat appealing, right? And not only things, we also happen to adore human beings. Whenever it is something (or someone) that (who) deserves all of our attention, we exclaim nothing but “Beautiful!”. I apologize for redundancy of this word, but that’s all I could breathe out when I spotted this gorgeous collection.

Blumarine Spring/Summer 2014: Exquisite & Elegant

Anna Molinari, the brand’s creative director, was inspired by an image of a hidden garden on a summer night. Blumarine Spring/Summer 2014 collection seems to be incredibly delicate and precious. It might be due to the light color palette of the line or elegant silhoettes that the models sport so effortlessly.

Blumarine focuses on dresses this time. There are a couple of other times, like a pair of bright yellow pants or a short trench coat in white with orange, navy blue and beige specks here and there. But other than that, it is mostly about magnificent frocks. Which is not that bad, is it?

The collection also features few skirts, which, paired with elegant shirts and jackets, do not look any different from the dresses (in terms of look’s sufficiency). I, personally, liked the one in lace – an airy flare mini skirt in beige with floral embellishment all over and an incredibly exquisite collared blouse with a matching pattern.

The collection offers a rich color choice including white, lust red, bright yellow, bluish-gray, tan, black, purple, charcoal and gold. Styles of the dresses alsy vary: you might fall for a frock with feathers, a ruffled dress with an asymmetrical tail or an evening gown in glittering charcoal.

Blumarine Spring/Summer 2014 collection has everything to be called superior. But we all know a better word for it, don’t we?