Inspiring Fendi Spring/Summer 2014

Fendi Spring/Summer 2014
Fendi Spring/Summer 2014 collection

Summer seems to be way closer now that I have checked out Spring/Summer 2014 collection by Fendi. It features 49 mind-blowing outfits that deserve to be called masterpieces. So far, none of the collections from either New York, London or Milan Fashion Weeks managed to impress my picky mind and taste to such an extent. Looking at the gorgeous enesemles, with each looking totally different from the previous one, I could feel my heart fill with a mixture of joy, impatience and excitement. I can no longer stand this devastating fall or even allow myself think about the freezing winter. The only thing I dream of now is bright and endless summer. Time when I will wake up with the sunrays on my pillow and beautiful Fendi clothing pieces sitting in my closet.

Fendi Spring/Summer 2014: Taste of Life

Actually, it is not surprising at all. When it is a brand with Karl Lagerfeld as a creative director, why would one expect a result any different from the one we see now? The Maestro is always on top of it. Still, I can’t help admiring gorgeous dresses that Fendi presented at Spring/Summer 2014 show.

Cara Delevingne started the show, sporting a striking organza dress in differently-shaded layers. The unique design created an impression of a 3-D dress. It looked like a hi-tech outfit designed for a lady of XXII century. The lower transparent layers in white, light pink and tea rose reveal Cara’s slender legs, while the two upper ones in reddish-orange and folly perfectly complete the delicious spectrum.

All the models wear tomboy-cut wigs in raven black that stress the vibrance of the collection. The line is so distinct that any attempt to more or less describe it is absolutely pointless. You will be astounded with a number of patterns, styles and designs that make every single look shine on the runway.

Besides organza, Lagerfeld also used his second favorite material – fur. Don’t get scared though, you won’t spot any fur jackets here. The designer uses it just as a decorative element for stylish bags that are featured in the collection.

Fendi Spring/Summer 2014 collection is full of fresh ideas and breath-taking styles. It is definitely worth looking at. Spend some time now to make your list of must-haves for Summer 2014!