Grunge & Rebel in Pierre Balmain Spring/Summer 2014

Pierre Balmain Spring/Summer 2014 collection
Pierre Balmain Spring/Summer 2014 collection

Looks like grunge is going to stay on trend for at least one more season. Punk and rock, mixed together in a style that keeps gaining more popularity among the fashionistas of the world, will also be in vogue next spring. So, maybe it makes sense to enrich your closet with funky items now, since you will still don them in March. And this is obviously the message Pierre Balmain had an intention to deliver in the brand’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Pierre Balmain Spring/Summer 2014: It’s All About Grunge

Pierre Balmain presented the collection in a digital format again, which was very smart. What, if not a wisely chosen background, can stress the actuality and the theme of the line? Deserted and decayed buldings as well as empty streets served as bakcdrops for the two models. One of the good things worthy to be mentioned is that the fashion house offers clothing pieces not only for us, but also for our soulmates. This is a great asset, in my opinion, because you have a chance to work on your styles together and maybe even have some matching items.

Pierre Balmain focuses on leather (which is so classically grunge), fishnet tights, mini dresses with cut-out panels and mesh tops. The colors are nothing to be amazed at: black, dark blue and gray. Although, you will spot a couple of things in white, which is kind of unusual for a punk line. But after all, lace dresses are also a bit out of the style. Speaking of, that was quite an unexpected and interesting combination – a white lace dress (I would even rank it as a delicate one) is paired with fishnet tights in black. Turtleneck collar and long, I would say, oversized sleeves add some zest to the outfit.

Striped pants in white and grayish-blue also create an impression of something that was accidentally thrown into the collection. Still, they seem to perfectly fit the navy suede jacket with zippers. What I love the most about this collection is actually the model’s hair. Sleek on the top and messy on the bottom, such hairstyle adds to the rebellious flavour of the whole collection.

For men, Pierre Balmain offers a great variety of outfits, from tanks with stretched-out armholes paired with black pants to very classy white shirts tacked into the waistline of the jeans with studded belt. Mostly, it is all about T-shirts, biker jackets and slim fit pants.

For those of you who love grunge style, this is the best offer so far. Funky and saucy clothing pieces of Pierre Balmain Spring/Summer 2014 won’t disappoint you at all.