Avantgarde L’Wren Scott Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

L'Wren Scott Spring/Summer 2014
L’Wren Scott Spring/Summer 2014 collection

L’Wren Scott is being herself as usual. She does not bother to meet the standards of today’s world, which we all love her for. She manages to create such astonishing collections, that every time I see the latest line, I get a feeling that it is my most favorite one of hers. But time passes by and here she is with a new collection, full of surprises and awesome fashion moments. Spring/Summer 2014 show was not an exception.

L’Wren Scott Spring/Summer 2014: Avantgarde Style

L’Wren Scott Spring/Summer 2014 collection is incredibly distinct. There is definitely more than one concept of woman’s beauty hidden in it. You will see Japanese Geisha, British Queen, French fashionista ans just a regular female citizen of any state. The tomboy wigs add some edginess and a spicy zest to the looks.

The collection is pretty much about dresses. Frocks in different colors and styles amaze with the perfect design and creative approach. I would definitely sport this snow white dress with long sleeves, a delicate collar and a bow on the waistline. Although it looks like a Japanese kimono, which might be the inspiration source (or at least one of them) of L’Wren Scott, the clothing piece still looks pretty modern and actual.

Some of the outfits look a little bit avantgarde, but I assume that’s what makes the collection so special. A striking thigh-skimming dress in deep indigo features patterned leather and an incredibly seductive fit. A black atlas belt with magenta and gold embroidery stresses the slim waist of the model. The frock, pretty outstanding itself, is paired with a black hat with gold embellishments, which reminds me of Chinese culture. There is also a magenta chocker completing this unique look.

The collection features more dresses, both evening and cocktail ones, as well as various skirts, pant suits, shirts and blazers. Unlike all the previous shows, this one does not offer outfits for the office wear. Certainly, you have all chances to rock one of the ensembles to your working place, but neither I nor L’Wren Scott will take responsibility for the consequences of your fashionable arrival.

L’Wren Scott Spring/Summer 2014 collection is both magnificent and somewhat outrageous. A woman here is not represented as a delicate and fragile human being. She is confident, strong and self-sufficient. Look at the photos of the show to see whether this style speaks to you.

  • I’ve always had a pair of Minnetonka moancsics in my closet — grew up by Lake Minnetonka so maybe that’s why. Anyway, just bought a pair in yellow that I love. Thanks for introducing me to Wren. Really like their sound!Heather from Friendship, Life and Style