Multiple Personalities in Veronica Beard Spring/Summer 2014

Veronica Beard Spring/Summer 2014 collection
Veronica Beard Spring/Summer 2014 collection

Despite the stereotype about the unique ability of a man to make the woman happy, there are also some other cases that have proved this questionable “theory” wrong. Veronica Beard is definitely someone who is well-aware of how to make a woman happy. “What’s the catch?” – you might wonder. Well, here’s the deal: Veronica happens to be a fashion designer. To be more precise, it is a sister-in-law design team, which makes the success of the company even more reasonable. When two women, both creative and talented, meet together, there is nothing except for a fabulous product of their work to expect. And, as you all know, designers bring so much joy and excitement into our lives by offering new stylish clothing pieces. This is exactly what will make you happy – Veronica Beard Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Veronica Beard Spring/Summer 2014: One woman – 19 Egos

I have no intention to go deeper into psychological notions and interpret the term of multiple personalities. Well, I am pretty positive, you can figure it out on your own. Yes, it has to do with one’s perception of oneself as a number of different individuals. But what I actually meant by applying this rather scientific term is about the diversity within any woman. Just imagine, how many social roles we have to play and how they all overlap with each other.

Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard definitely understand the very concept of being a lady. Otherwise they wouldn’t offer a collection made up by such a great number of various outfits. Be it an office worker, who prefers smart casual style, or a flirty lady with nothing to worry about except for being herself – Veronica Beard clothing pieces will speak to anyone.

Veronica Beard Spring/Summer 2014 collection
Veronica Beard Spring/Summer 2014 collection

One thing I like a lot about this particular collection is Jennifer Fisher jewels all the outfits are accessorised with. These lovely pieces add even more style to the looks. If I were an employee of a fancy organization with a pretty strict dress-code, I would opt either for the black pant suit or the vest and shorts in cream. Of course, these are not the only options that were presented, but to me they look the most appealing.

A saucy pant suit in leopard print is something I would advice for a student or an intern, who loves to stand out. It is classic and formal and in the meantime it fully allows you express yourself. The same thing is with the bright yellow maxi skirt paired with a sleeveless denim top. Very creative and trendy, both looks are perfect to wear during a day as well as be converted to your hangout outfits.

Jumpsuits along with mini skirts and dresses in different colors and styles will be a good match for both your daily and party wardrobe. You can play with footwear choice and accessories to create quite a range of funky looks.

And one more detail that is worth being noticed here. I found a perfect outfit for a meet-your-future-mother-in-law event. It is a floral sweatshirt with a very moderate neckline, which is paired with an asymmetrical pencil skirt in khaki. The greatest thing about this outfit is that the ensemble is pretty modest yet very unique. It shows that you respect your soulmate’s mother, but still lets you express and deliver the very idea of your outstanding personality.

Veronica Beard Spring/Summer 2014 collection has everything to be ranked as a successful one. If you consider yourself to be a very interesting person with an impeccable fashion taste and individual style approach, then you will absolutely love all the outfits.