Mystery & Beauty in Lyn Devon Spring/Summer 2014

Lyn Devon Spring/Summer 2014 collection
Lyn Devon Spring/Summer 2014 collection

Every woman ought to have some kind of a mystery. It doesn’t matter what exactly you are trying to hide – just the sole idea of a secret attracts people a lot. And it is not only about the male part inhabiting our planet. Just imagine yourself walking along the road and spotting puzzled looks full of admiration here and there. So my advice is to come up with a secret that you can handle. If your imagination for some reason refuses to function properly, I can give you a hand with this difficult assignment. Simply wear pieces from Lyn Devon Spring/Summer 2014 collection and your world will be saved.

Lyn Devon Spring/Summer 2014: Keep Your Secret

Africa was the destination of Lyn Devon woman this time. Sahara Desert and Marrakech were the main focuses of the designer’s inspiration.

I don’t travel a lot, so usually I’m imagining what a girl might want to wear in a faraway place. This time I actually knew.

I can’t find right words to express the strength of my affection for these saucy pieces. How can one look so elegant and stylish? Well, seems like I found a perfect answer – you have to don Lyn Devon’s outfits. I love the color palette which is presented by classic black and white, pistachio, camel, burnt orange, teal and pine green.

Chiffon and silk are what you most likely to spot here. Batik-printed pants and dress are totally amazing. Looking at these gorgeous pieces of art, I can easily imagine myself wandering in Morocco and enjoying the sight of camels walking along the desert. I wouldn’t worry about the sun burns at all, since I would have my body wrapped into splendid clothing pieces by Lyn Devon. Plus, my head would also be protected – a lovely hat in ochre is more than just a marvelous accessory.

You will find a great variety of skirt suits as well as splendid dresses in the collection of this designer. Check out the gallery and enjoy the full overview of the outfits!