Nina Ricci’s Snow White: Spring/Summer 2014

Nina Ricci Spring/Summer 2014
Nina Ricci Spring/Summer 2014 collection

White is considered to be a color of pure intentions and innocence. Maybe this is the reason brides all over the world opt for gowns of this shade. Anyway, wedding is not what we are talking about today. Paris Fashion Week is still on the agenda and here comes another beautiful collection. As I mentioned a couple of times before, coming Spring/Summer season is going to be very rich and exciting in terms of fashion. We are so blessed to have such talented and devoted designers inhabiting our planet. I don’t know what I would do, if I was born two or three centuries ago, when fashion was about having bath once a month and combing your hair even less frequently. But, life is fair enough to me, and I have a chance to witness and enjoy Nina Ricci’s gorgeous collection.

Nina Ricci’s Spring/Summer 2014: Stories About Snow White

The main focus of Nina Ricci Spring/Summer 2014 collection is white color. These striking outfits are so enchanting that it seems like they live their own life. With every clothing piece I checked out, my affection for the wonderful line kept growing until there was no room in my heart anymore. All the ensembles are so elegant, delicate and exquisite, that you will hardly walk by without a sigh of obsession.

Peter Copping, the brand’s creative director, offset the crystal white shade with hues of sky blue, slate gray, cream and ecru. There are also a couple of outfits with a floral print, such as skirt suits, dresses, cute tops and tuniques.

Nina Ricci culminated in a bride-like gown in cream. The dress has such a magnificent design, that even those of you who hate the very idea of getting married, will immediately change their minds. It is a sleeveless frock in organza with rich lace embellishments.

Nina Ricci’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection has something to offer to each of you. Gorgeous outfits in pastel shades seem to be essentials of the warm season. Browse through the gallery and enjoy your time!