Sailor’s Girlfriend in Olympia Le-Tan Spring/Summer 2014

Olympia Le-Tan Spring/Summer 2014
Olympia Le-Tan Spring/Summer 2014 collection

Paris Fashion Week has definitely a lot of surprises. You will be amazed at how many magnificent collections are presented within this fashionable event. Designers seem to fight with each other for our love and loyalty. Some of them come up with bold and epatage silhouettes, whereas others focus on a unique theme of the line. This is what Olympia Le-Tan did with her Spring/Summer 2014 collection. It has an obvious direction and path to follow. What is served on the brand’s plate is an image of a cute sailor girl. Irresistible, adorable and charming – this is how I would describe what my eyes register.

Olympia Le-Tan Spring/Summer 2014: Sail Across Oceans

Olympia Le-Tan chose a very relevant direction to move in. What else, if not a sweet dream about summer vacation, can make us feel so delighted and excited? The designer apparently projected her own view of how the perfect vacation should be spent – on a sea shore, with a handsome and charismatic sailor by your side. And to match his uniform, you will need to wear one of Le-Tan’s outfits.

Summer is time when we have a great chance to show off our slender legs. Apart from the assumption about diamonds, it is actually mini skirts and shorts that are our best friends during this time of year. Olympia Le-Tan has a whole bunch of them, in different styles and colors. Modest ladies, you should probably pass by, for you won’t find any moderate-length clothing pieces. As for the rest, drool over every single one of them!

Thigh-high stockings that are revealed to the public eye add a lot of sensuality to the collection. Although, even if it wasn’t for them, the impression will stay the same. It is impossible to miss that strong feeling of temptation, playfulness and seduction that all the pieces are overloaded with. Skimming skirts of mind-blowing length; shorts and crop tops, revealing slim waist; bright lips and catchy make-up: everything is designated to charm a man.

Of course, when it comes to Le-Tan, we can’t miss out those awesome accessories. She seems to have a never-ending source of inspiration that she uses to create such wonderful pieces. I love those anchor-shaped earrings that come in various colors. And those handbags…Yum…I am still looking for a minaudiere of my dream, so I might end up with one of hers after all. Attention, here is a new accessory piece – a wide lace-up belt. It will complement any blouse, shirt or dress, just make sure you fit it in the style of your outfit.

Olympia Le-Tan Spring/Summer 2014 won’t leave you untouched. If you are a fan of creative approach and unique outfits, showing off your outstanding personality, this collection is for you!

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