London Fashion Week: Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2014

Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2014
Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2014 collection

It is considered that a talented person stands out in many ways. Looking at today’s celebrities, with most of them (at least female ones) referring to a beautiful appearance as a gift itself, I would question this statement. There are so many singers who don’t sing any better than I do and so many actors, playing their roles as if they were forced by threat of death. Still, we are lucky enough to have true talents living on our planet. One of them is definitely Tom Ford – a fashion designer and a film director. Plus, he is quite handsome. But this is not what we are to discuss here. This genius presented the brand’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection at London Fashion Week, which is of a great interest to all his fans.

Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2014: Leather & Mosaic

I have a strong affection for leather. I assume that all the Greenpeace volunteers would tear me to tiny bits and pieces, but still I love leather. I bet, most of you will support me in this fashion taste. Cheer up, ladies, one of the hottest male designers (although he is already 52) is with us! Tom Ford offers mind-blowing skirts and jackets in leather with elaborate patterns and saucy design. Even the most dedicated fauna-protector will give up on all the previous beliefs and values, falling in deep love with these magnificent pieces.

Did I mention about the leather dress in copper? You must check it out! Even though there are no embellishments or embroideries or anything else, this frock looks astonishing. Just like all the other leather pieces of art.

You will spot a number of dresses with a mosaic-like pattern. Fractured mirrors in various colors overlap to create a striking design. If you wear such an ouitfit, all eyes will be on you. Tom Ford also played a little bit with fur, which sort of puzzled me. Who on Earth would wear a fur jacket in spring or summer? Well, there must be some desperately loyal fashionistas, who can’t survive without this fluffy article of clothing.

Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2014 collection is so dictinct and sufficient, that you have no desire to look at something different. All the outfits deserve Oscar or at least a big round of applause.