Touch of Circus in Zimmermann Spring/Summer 2014

Zimmermann Spring/Summer 2014 collection
Zimmermann Spring/Summer 2014 collection

Circus is something we all, as kids, loved and were fascinated by. I still remember how excited I used to feel whenever my parents announced another trip to this marvelous and enchanting place. I am pretty positive your feelings were anything but different from those of mine. And the most incredible thing about circus is that it is not only kids, but also adults who drool over every single performance. No doubt, sitting inside the most fun place and enjoying the bewitching show is something everyone looks forward to. Nicky Zimmermann offers you to constantly have that awesome feeling of joy and admiration. You don’t have to attend a circus in order to experinece its compelling aura – all you have to do is to wear clothing pieces of Zimmermann Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Zimmermann Spring/Summer 2014: Enchanting Aura of Circus

The Australian fashion brand made a debut at the New York fashion week. Before Zimmermann showcased the collections in Sydney. Well, it was undoubtedly quite a successful debut. And Nicky Zimmermann fully agrees with me on that matter:

It’s a progression for our business and where I want to be in terms of creativity.

All the items of the collection have so much energy and positive attitude, that I already imagine myself watching those hilarious clowns and crafty illusionists making the show. Everything, from the theatrical neck ruffles on the organza dress to asymmetrical frocks and absolutely incredible bright prints, looks magnificent and glorious. Just a single glance at the collection will make your hearts beat faster and lips curve in a delightful smile.

It is actually hard to decide on my favorite piece. I am in deep love with both the bold and seductive gold and black atlas dress with an asymmetrical tail on the side and a beige one with a pleaded maxi skirt, elegant bow on the waistline and cut-outs all over the bodice. A zebra-printed bustier crop-top paired with high-waisted gold kapri pants blew my mind the moment I saw the fabulous ensemble. That is also what I felt when I spotted the beige one-piece swimsuit with leopard prints.

In other words, Zimmermann Spring/Summer 2014 collection will speak to all of you. It offers articles of clothing that are no doubt capable of turning any lady’s life into an eternal holiday, full of carnival mood and happy memories.