Princess Diana’s Dresses To Sell At Auction In London

Princess Diana and Prince Charles

Princess Diana was known for her fashionable style. Her outfits are still iconic today and even Duchess of Cambridge has recreated some of them. In an auction that is set to take place on 14 June a London auction house Kerry Taylor will offer a green sequined evening dress worn by Diana four times that was originally designed by Catherine Walker ahead of her official visit to Austria. The dress that was first auctioned off by the Princess in 1997 is set to sell for £100,000.

Diana green sequined gown

Dress by Catherina Walker

Another item on the auction list is a green tartan wool dress Diana wore in Venice by Emanuel Couture dress in Venice. This one was discarded and found by the auctioneer Kerry Taylor in a second hand shop. It’s expected to return £9,000

Diana green dress

Green tartan wool dress

Emanuelle Couture

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