A and AA Size Bust: Why Is It Not a Catastrophe?

Candice Swanepoel
Candice Swanepoel

There is hardly any woman, who is fully satisfied with her figure. From celebrities to lesser mortals, ladies all over the world are obsessed with putting their bodies into a perfect shape. Daily workouts, various diets, massage sessions, and different lotions and pills are all meant to lead to the desirable result. Some women crave to gain weight, whereas others vigorously fight the extra pounds. One thing I know for sure is that all the people have different attitude toward beauty, which is why what seems to be ok for one gal would be totally unacceptable for another one. The most frequently discussed topic among female human beings is the bust size. Some are blessed with full C, while others pray for plumper breasts. Let’s have a look at positive sides (yes, there are some) of a small bust.

What Are Advantages of Small Bust?

My guess is ladies with bigger sizes never complain about their bust. I might be wrong though, but such a case would be a total exception. Anyway, what we are going to discuss now has to do with modest curves.

How many of you have ever had a desire to blow up your breasts? Let’s draw in our minds a pretty young lady with a slim waist and slender legs. She is gracious and charming, but there is one thing about her constitution she is not pleased with. A whole bunch of special lotions and ointments that were supposed to add a couple of sizes to her chest is collecting dust on the shelf. Cabbage leaves on a plate as her hourly snack make her look more like a rabbit then a bombsell. Poor fitness instructors, driven up the wall by her bothersome questions, don’t even make an effort to convince her (for the hundredth time) that it is impossible to pump the breasts up. Still, full of hope and stubbornness, she is off to search for other ways that will help accomplish her one and only goal.

Let’s take a deep breath here and think: does she really need it? What are all those time- and money-consuming yet ineffective efforts about? Why not tstart accepting herself the way she is? Raise your hands now if you recognized yourself in this gal. At least one hand is up, because I did.

Fortunately, I have realized the fatuity of my numerous attempts and quit torturing myself. After all, I found some positive sides of purchasing A size bras. One of them is that you actualy don’t have to wear any and can feel pretty comfortable. As long as your shirt is not too skimming or see-through, there is no need to bother with a brassiere. Whereas other ladies are about to boil on a hot summer day, you have this asset to be proud of.

Another advantage of a small bust is rather long-term. Can you imagine what one’s breasts would look like at the age of 40, after having fed a number of offsprings? Not a very appealing image, huh? Here comes the best part of it – you won’t suffer from such a thing! Isn’t that reassuring enough to love your delicate bosom?

Size A is not a reason to be upset at all. I still remember how often my physics teacher stressed the importance of gravity. For those of you who prefer to not keep in memory everything expiring a 2-year period, gravity is a force that pulls objects down to earth. And the heavier the object is, the greater the force is. Let me draw a very simple conclusion: it is more likely for a woman with D size to fall when bending down, than for a lady with smaller curves, because the “D-bonus” will be pulled towards the ground.

You might not believe me, but various surveys have proved that not every single man adores balloon-like bust. So please, do not disturb your minds with such a meaningless thing. There are plenty of stars (Keira Knightley, Katie Holmes, Natalie Portman, Milla  Jovovich) and models (Agyness Deyn, Kate Moss, Devon Aoki) with small busts and, as you see, it didn’t prevent them from becoming super successful and happy. Take it easy and love yourself – that is the only way to succeed in your life!

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