All Truth About Shopaholics: Test Yourself

Isla Fisher as shopaholic
Isla Fisher the shopaholic

Raise your hand if you are absolutely indifferent toward the shops. I bet, no one had their hands up, which is not surprising. We all have this deathly affection for the shopping malls and different trading centres with plenty of booths to spend money at. It doesn’t really matter what exactly you prefer to purchase. Anything from a pushpin to some fancy automobile reflects your identity as a consumer. And there is nothing wrong about it, right? We have to pay a visit to the grocery store, for example, or the butcher’s, in order to refill our food supplies. Or replace the torn and worn out clothing pieces by proper ones. Or get a new bed, which will make our sleeping time even more pleasant. However, there are some people, who can’t stop when there is a need to do so. These individuals would invade any shop and empty the shelves just for the sake of buying something. There doesn’t have to be any reasonable explanation or justification, as long as it satisfies the momentum urge. I am sure you all know what I am talking about. Let’s take a closer look at shopaholics and their addiction.

Shopaholic: Early Simptoms

If you are not sure whether you suffer from this widespread disease, just read on. The information below will give you a clear insight at your affiliation with this “illness”. If you find any evidence, don’t get devastated – this wont’ be the end of the world.

Imagine that you are taking a walk around the largest shopping mall in your city. And then you spot Him… A handsome tall guy with an enchanting smile and muscles that protrude even through his knit sweater from Calvin Klein’s last collection. The stranger keeps smiling at you as he slowly moves in your direction. While trying to put your shivering knees together, you manage to sneak a glance at his left ring finger, featuring no metal at all. And just when he gets close enough to breathe out his charming “Hello”, your eyes register a magnificent dress in turquoise with gold embellishment on the skirt. 1,2,3…You make your mind, leaving the hottie with his greeting hanging in the air and his ego dropping to the floor.

If you recognize yourself in this situation, it is quite the time to start worrying. When a woman trades a frock (no matter how beautiful it is) for a good-looking man, it is a huge issue! So, probably, next time you should be accompanied by a friend who is able to pull you down to earth.

Another indicator of shopaholism is a tendency to buy things regardless of whether you need them or not. Eventually, you end up with a collection of useless garbage that significantly questions your “homo sapiens” nature. Of course, you can throw up some kind of a garage sale, but, after all, all the earned money will be spent for creating another collection of this kind.

Also, things go awfully wrong, if you, delighted by you new purchase, hurry on the way home, looking forward to adding a gorgeous dress to your collection. There is nothing bad about the very process of it. World starts crushing when you open your closet and see a frock completely identical to the one you bought half an hour ago. The worst thing about this situation is that you can’t even recall purchasing the first of the twins.

Hopefully, you didn’t recognize any of the features. Of course, they are a bit exaggerated, but are still part of the reality. Take care of your mind and don’t let any addictions conquer your life!