Looking Different is Not Wrong: Plus-Size Models

Tara Lynn
Tara Lynn

We all know about the beauty standards reinforced in the minds of all the members of the fashion world. And not only there. Almost everything, surrounding us, in some way tries to emphasize this crucial meaning of being beautiful. We are to eat special yogurts, because they will stimulate the digestive system, which in turn will mirror in our bodies. We are not to chew on junk food, as it will lead to some extra inches on our slim waists. We have to use certain kinds of lotions and creams; otherwise our skin will become loose and wrinkled. And there is not a signle word in those ads about the inner side of our development. The person may have a perfect appearance, yet lack some basic skills of common sense or communictaion. And then the whole significance of being beautiful is lost for good. Plus-size models are well aware of these constructed stereotypes that build a particular perception. Read on to find out more about all the details of looking “different”.

What Lies Behind Being a Plus-Size Model?

One can tell, it is not hard to derive from the socially accepted norms and standards. Woman’s beauty has undergone numerous changes since the creation of the world. It is such a pity that I live in a century, when by pretty woman people mean an anorexic freak with crazy diet and protruded eyes. To me, beauty is something rather personal. You don’t necessarily see it: one must also feel, smell and hear it. Otherwise, it has nothing to do with true wonder of the nature.

It all depends on the way the lady perceives herself. If she is ok with the features she is blessed with, that’s her personal choice. No one has a right to judge such a woman or give her meaningless tips she didn’t even ask for. If she decides that she is pretty enough to be a model – just go with it.

However, despite this supposed freedom of choice, the community will rarely loosen the grip on you. Strangers would whisper behind your backs commenting on every single step you take. And, my advice, if this is the case with any of you – don’t even react to such kind of expression.

One of the most prominent plus-size models Tara Lynn admits it’s not easy at all. Even with so many brands taking this new path in the fashion industry, still being not like everyone might cause some problems:

I mean it’s hard – and I’m just going to make this confession – it is hard to make clothes look great on big women. The more fat there is on a body, the more variation there is in the shape of that body. And so it makes perfect sense that people are using a standard, clothes-hanger skinny body for it.

Quite a sincere statement. I agree, it is super complicated to produce that major shift in billions of minds to a new perception of woman’s appeal. Yet, just the very fact that we have these photosets and the plus-size models, means a lot. In other words, we are on the right track – it might be tough and vigorous, but the result is worth trying.

Just imagine how many women will be relieved and delighted, if they didn’t have to follow these sterotypes about super skinny girls with long slim legs. The world will be so much more kind and easy-going, if everyone spends a minute on reconsidering their values. Woman is not an object that can be measured or evaluated according to some grading scale. She is a human being and deserves to be treated so.

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