Models Gigi Hadid And Karlie Kloss Play Stylish Moms In Versace Fall 2016 Ad Campaign

Model Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss are the stars of Versace’s Fall 2016 ad campaign playing stylish moms on the streets of Chicago with a model Marcus Watts and a group of real men from Chicago who according to Donatella Versace will also partake in a menswear show in Milan later this year. Among them was an Afghanistan veteran who played a role of a husband to Karlie Kloss’s mom heroine.  The couples are seen strolling around Chicago with kids and looking positively stylish in their autumnly outfits.

The campaign shot by Bruce Weber hasn’t been released in full yet but there are a few images that as the brand put it, portray people in their fantasy world versus reality. And I must say their ‘reality world’ is mighty editorial with all the gorgeous models and designers clothes. But hey, that’s the luxe fashion brand’s vision. That’s what it’s all made for. You don’t have to politicize and bring everything down to actual Earth with its actual reality. I’m surely addressing the flak the campaign got for the models’ youth, their race, and stroller chains.

Versace Fall 2016 Ad Campaign

Gigi Hadid and Marcus Watts for Versace

Versace ad

Gigi Hadid in Versace ad

Karlie Kloss in Versace ad

Karlie Kloss Versace ad

Versace Fall 2016