Pin Cushion Girl: Too Many Body Piercings

Pin Cushion Girls
Pin Cushion Girls

It is a very personal issue when it comes to describe beauty. Ask ten people and you will get ten absolutely different responds. No wonder, every single person has his own point of view. But shouldn’t there still be some limits, no matter how vague they would be? One thing that seems to become a total obsession is piercing. For some ladies it gets incredibly hard to stop piercing their body parts once they debut with their first hole. As a result, a used-to-be sweet girl turns into a monster with more openings that a strainer has.

Bad Sides of Being a Piercing Freak

Since the world’s creation, various cultures and civilizations have had distinct beauty standards. There is no a world-widely accepted opinion on what a beautiful woman looks like. What might be outrageous and absolutely impossible for one person, is, on the contrary, the most appealing thing for another one. That is why we so often get surprised, shocked or even scared, whenever we spot anything that does not fit into our own aesthetic perception.

Ladies with moderate piercing
Ladies with moderate piercing

Today we have a huge variety of means to use when it comes to beautification process, and to be honest, I am not sure whether it is a blessing or a curse. When I see a girl who would look pretty if it wasn’t for her multiple pierced body parts, I have a strong desire to pull all those rings out. Yes, I do realize that this is a way to show creativity and express her outstanding individuality, but can’t she find something more moderate to play with?

Not only excessive piercing looks awful, but also is it dangerous for your health. There is always a chance of getting infection, even if you completely trust to the person responsible for it. Plus, can you imagine what might happen if a piece of string or someone’s knitted scarf gets in the way of your pierced nose (or other body part) and clings to your funky ring? You better never experience such a clash, for I bet it may be very heart-breaking.

I still don’t understand how those individuals with pierced tongues manage to kiss properly as well as get pleasure and satisfy. If I were a man, I wouldn’t like to feel coolness of the metal or explore the shape of the ring with the tip of my super sensitive tongue.

I also have no desire to hear that jingle-twangle whenever the girl shakes her head or makes a movement. Some female human (?) beings opt for a row of rings on the lip line, which creates an impression of a dental bracket that was accidentally misplaced. One thing I am curious about is how such a woman would bite on an apple, for example. Wouldn’t the most part of this yummy fruit get stuck to her lip rings? Well, actually it might be pretty useful – after all, she can always collect the leftovers and save them for another snack.

Lady Gaga's pierced septum
Lady Gaga’s pierced septum

I am not trying to discourage you from piercing your nose or eyebrow or God knows what else. One or two rings on your face have all chances to look decent and appealing, if you don’t go beyond human appearance. Golden mean is required everywhere. Take a pattern by Lady Gaga – this celebrity is well known for her epatage looks and outrageous style. But even she, with her absolutely indifferent attitude towards other people’s opinion, does not exceed the beauty standards.

At the 2013 Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit that took place last weekend, Gaga showed off her new nose piercing that looks rather cute (if you compare it to her other transformations). I hope she won’t continue the pattern though. Metal-face Lady Gaga is the last news headline we want to see.

I am not sure whether it was another step in preparation for the star’s upcoming album Artpop or just a way to draw more attention and remind us of her everlasting imagination and energy. Whichever it is, Lady Gaga managed to get us talking about her again.

If you feel a strong survival urge to pay a visit to a piercing parlor, go ahead and satisfy your need. Just remember, that you are still a lady and have to look like a woman inhabiting Earth, not the far corners of our galaxy. Unless you are a female representative of a traditional African tribe, please do not go for heavy and multiple piercings. After all, it is us, the girls, and our beauty that will save the world.

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