Plastic Surgery: Yes or No?

Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery

Today, in the era of developing technologies, when every single day brings in an invention, it is hard to fight the temptation to taste the fruits of the latter. We witness so many things that emerge in our society, that sometimes our vulnerable minds are not able to filter all the information we get. As a result, we receive a very wrong perception of the reality, incapable of seeing the real story under the bright and catchy cover. This is, in my opinion, the issue with plastic surgery. Women (and not only) all over the world approach the doctors in order to interrupt the natural flow of the universe. Is it really worth suffering all that pain? Or is it just another malfunctioning caprice of the spoiled girl?

To Do or Not To Do: Plastic Surgery

If Hamlet, back in 17th century knew how his rhetorical question would be paraphrased, he probably wouldn’t understand the whole meaning of these words. Surgery? To change the shape of a nose? Why? That’s the question usually approached to those women who are unhappy with their appearance and thus willing to alter certain things. And they usually respond very frankly, giving the prepared speech about how this operation will help them become more beautiful/happy/lucky/popular and so forth. Is it really so?

To me, when a person starts to question his perfection, the issue lies somewhere deeper. It is the woman’s perception and attitude to herself that prevents her to enjoy the life. How would bigger eyes make her love and respect herself? First of all, such a lady needs to develop self-confidence, and maybe after she sees the world in a different way, there won’t be any reason to undergo the surgery.

There also a number of cases when the surgeries went wrong and didn’t achieve the desirable result. What can be worse than realizing that your sweet dreems shattered in one day. Plus, with some operations it is impossible to change anything anymore. One of the examples is Priscilla Presley, who suffered from mistreatment by the doctor. Or Donatella Versace, who obviously overdid with her intention to be young and beautiful. This list can go on and on: Cher, Pamela Anderson, Janice Dickinson and others.

Another negative side of the plastic surgery has to do with the aftermath feelings. What if in two months after the operation, you suddenly find your chin to be not as perfect as it seemed to be at first. Or probably, it is your lips that spoil the wonderful picture. Or else, the nose needs some more changes. The tricky thing about the surgeries is that one can become quite addicitive – and this is where the real danger lies.

Now to the pros of plastic surgery. The only case when I would support it is if it is an actual emergency. There is no need to let the guy in the white robe draw with a scalpel on one’s face/body, unless there is a scar or some kind of defect that needs to be removed. Only this justifies such actions of the surgeon. All the other excuses like I have put above do not count at all.

To conclude, I consider plastic surgery to be the evil. The very idea of becoming absolutely perfect tempts the women so much, that they can’t resist it. Whereas, all the ladies need to do is to take themselves as they are, without changing anything but the way of thinking.