Skirt length and age

Well, I have never thought a moment would come when women at 40 dared to wear short skirts. Bu as it turns out this moment has come.

Probably it is fashion or total enthusiasm about fitness that plays role but we see lots of ladies in their 40s showing pretty much flesh.


Spokesman for UK store Debenhams Ed Watson said:

It shows that women now have an increasing confidence in their bodies and are happy to dress accordingly. If this trend continues, there is no doubt that, within the next decade, women in their mid-40s and early-50s will rightly regard a mini skirt as an essential part of their everyday wardrobe.”

The executives of the chain decided to make some observations relating this topic. About 1000 females were involved. The results are as follows:

Girls aged 14 generally prefer a rather short skirt, but don’t wear them too short until they are 16.

Women between 16 and 19 spend on smaller minis, reducing the length from18ins to 14ins on average.

23 is the age for the tiniest skirts of all, 12.5ins on average.

When women turn 40 they tend to wear 18ins skirts, but at 42 the majority go back to more conservative styles which cover the knees.

By 51, ladies mostly opt for skirts of 32.5ins long.

Interesting, isn’t it? Do you think the length of the skirt and the age should correspond?