FULL Pictorial of Industrie Starring Marc Jacobs in Womenswear

I’m not homophobic and fully realize homosexual people have right to express themselves openly. But doing a photoshoot with a man wearing women’s clothing seems too much for me, even if this man is Marc Jacobs. The designer posed for the cover of Industrie and a few photographs inside the magazine. He looked stylish and even sexy, but everything was just wrong.

marc jacobs industrie editorial

Despite the fact I’m used to seeing Marc Jacobs wearing a skirt seeing him fully dressed-up in heels and pantyhose, with a clutch in his hands, was hardly conceivable for me. He’s a handsome man, very fit, very charming. And he would look just perfect in menswear accessorized with some ladies’ details, like brooches or necklaces. Why ruining that cute image so drastically?

  • I think your a bit confused: what does being a homosexual have to do with cross dressing? It’s not really related, plenty of straight men cross-dress.

    Marc is just having fun here – it doesn’t ‘ruin’ his image – he hasn’t decided to wear dresses every day of the week, it’s just a fun shoot and shows Marc having fun in his own designs – and it pushes the boundaries a little and makes us think too.

    You seem a little out of focus with what is making headlines in the fashion world lately – that’s anything to do with a touch of androgyny. This is sort of exploiting this idea but in a way that Marc manages to make look unique. My main issue is that you decided to link this to him being gay which isn’t a correct thing to say, and is quite a closed-minded attitude.

    This isn’t the sort of ground-breaking journalism they seek out in fashion publications a la Vogue Paris – it’s more a tedious, stammering attempt at pulling in some website traffic – and face it, you can’t even write a good response to justify your own words, you might as well quit while your ahead.