Rita Ora Wows in DKNY Resort 2014 Campaign

Rita Ora for DKNY Resort 2014 campaign
Rita Ora for DKNY Resort 2014 campaign

Resort 2014 ad campaigns are on their way. Which makes us even happier – another chance to enjoy beauty of the models and celebrities as well as the stylish outfits they show off. This time it is Rita Ora, irresistible and inimitable, who poses for the fashion house of DKNY. If you like bright pictures, with plenty of emotional messages and delightful mood, then you will definitely fall for this ad. Plus, it features sights of one of the best cities in the world. Are you curious? Read on to find out more!

DKNY Resort 2014 Ads: Rita Ora Rocks New York City

Yes, you already figured it out – New York City is the backdrop for this photoshoot. No wonder, it is Donna Karan New York brand after all. Why would they choose a different city to shot the campaign? Besides, New York seems to reflect the message and direction of this Resort 2014 collection the best. It is not about elegance or red carpet fashion. What you will see has to do more with high street fashion.

Lachlan Bailey lensed the songstress as she posed on the top of the cab, not afraid of facing the furious owner of the car. And why would she be? Alastair McKimm was responsible for style of the photoshoot, which speaks to me a lot.

My favorite outfit of the campaign features a black maxi skirt in lace and tulle. I love how it is sheer all the way down from the hips, which creates some kind of an intrigue. It is paired with a rather sporty top (in black, again) and a classic blazer with white styling. To make Rita’s Lady in Black look complete, the stylist adds a black cap. It is a total mixture of styles as well as textures, but I adore it. One note – I would love to see what kind of shoes she wears the ensemble with, but, unfortunately, the image does not expose her precious feet.

Another superior look is the denim one. I have a great affection for the Boyfriend jeans, and I am pretty positive so do you. I like the color of this pair a lot – it is moderate and very trendy. The stylist adds a denim shirt over a white crop top to reveal Rita’s toned abs. Looking at this photo I feel incredibly sorry for myself (to be more precise, for the absence of  ability to fight the temptation to eat). Anyway, back to the outfit! The beauty sports a leather jacket, adding the third layer to her top. Lovely shoes in black and the singer’s personal charm make this look outstanding.

One thing I didn’t like, and I think I already mentioned it somewhere, is that Ora refuses to give up on her bright red lipstick. It is so cliche and people are so used to seeing that familiar glimpse of red shade on her lips. Why wouldn’t her stylist or make-up consultant convince her to opt for something different?

Anyway, DKNY Resort 2014 campaign appears to be very bright and positive. Rita Ora, regardless of her lips’ color, managed with her assignment as a model and shined in the ads.