Top 5 Resort 2014 Little Red Dresses: Passion Runs World

Christian Dior Resort 2014 dress

Christian Dior

We have all heard of the famous bullfighting spectacles, breathtaking and horrifying at the same time. It is quite amazing how brave and crafty those matadors are. One thing I have always wondered about is why it is the red color that excites the bulls and provokes them to chase the courageous toreadors. Red is a color of blood, which might be one of the explanations. This bright color is also widely assocciated with danger, fire, anger, and passion. The last one is the main reason we, the beauties of the earth, adore this color. And this is exactly why every single lady MUST have a gorgeous little red dress in her wardrobe. By no means is it just a piece of advice. I believe, I made it pretty clear with those four huge letters, that such a dress is something that has to take a permanent place in your bedroom closet.

Top 5 Resort 2014 Little Red Dresses Overwhelm With Passion

Moschino Resort 2014 dress


As I was browsing through the Resort 2014 collections’ photos, I was surprised with the fact that neither fashion maestros nor emerging designers support my point of view. It took me forever to find those tiny pieces of red fabric, wrapped around the slender bodies of the models. I do know that this season’s spectrum ranges from chilly mint to neon orange. And yes, I am well aware of the fact that white is super trendy this summer. So what? Let’s forget about true sensuality and appeal? No way, dear fashionistas, I am here to save your shuttering world. Have a look at the best Resort 2014 little red dresses.

Josh Goot Resort 2014 dress

Josh Goot

Christian Dior is definitely on my side. This lovely spagetti-strapped red dress will blow any man’s mind. You can combine it with a an elegant jacket in black or white to add some intrigue to your look. Why to demonstrate your gracile back to lesser mortals? It should be your handsome victim who gets a chance to enjoy such a beautiful view.

Moschino presents a different concept of a little red dress. Tiny is a right word to describe it. Allthough it doesn’t show off your shoulders or bust line, you still have a lot to offer in this outfit. If you are not blessed with size C, it is a perfect chance for you to impress your most devoted audience with your long, slender legs.

Maxime Simoens Resort 2014 dress

Maxime Simoens

Josh Goot decided to play with colors and gave a birth to a stunning asymmetrical red and white dress. This Clash of Opposites dress is not a classic black and white duo, nonetheless you can clearly see the condtradiction of the outfit. A girl wearing such a dress would cause a very tough discussion in the XY chromosomes minds. It all depends on which side of her splendid body you are observing. She seems to be so harmless and sweet, but once she turns to you with her other side, you can no longer recognize her innocent sweetness in this tempting seductress.

Maxime Simoens also opted for a hue accent, but in his case it is black. This beautiful red dress with an architectural edge is destined for those who choose to tightly cover their heart-pounding curves rather than put them on a public display. A neat bracelet along with gorgeous waves willl complete the look.

Lanvin Resort 2014 dress


And, finally, a little red dress that from now on is going to be in all of my dreams – a masterpiece by Lanvin. Many thanks go to Alber Elbaz, creative director of Lanvin, for making our lives brighter and happier. This incredible, unbelievable, fascinating, magnificent, marvelous, admirable, bewitching…all right, I can go on like that forever. What I was trying to say was that this beautiful dress has everything to charm any living creature on this planet. I am sure you love a bustier dress just the way I do. Has anyone of you ever had a desire to pull that zipper down on the back of someone’s dress, just for fun? Trust me, this idea often hits the men as well, only they have a slightly different goal.

Now that you have admired these wonderful looks, it is time to get your little red dress!