Top 5 Singers-turned-designers

Life is so interesting and diverse that we all from time to time feel the need to try something new, something that would open our hidden talents and bring the novelty into daily routine. And while ordinary people don’t go further than doing a new kind of sport celebrities engage themselves into bigger and more serious things. For example, it’s become very popular among singers to design clothing. Everyone from Selena Gomez to Amy Winehouse has tried this but only a few really succeeded. Here are 5 top singers-turned-designers whose designs we love and recognize:

victoria beckham

1. Victoria Beckham. She has never been a good singer or performer so we all heaved a sigh of relief when she left the stage and occupied herself with designing. Her first attempts can hardly be called successful. She was criticized and named mediocre but thanks God she didn’t quit.

victoria beckham designs

And now she presents her fabulous collections together with fashion moguls like Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg and Oscar de la Renta. She doesn’t consider herself a professional though and says she still has a lot to learn.

gwen stefani

2. Gwen Stefani. She is a fantastic singer but she has always been notable for her outfits as well. Very attractive and sexy her style has been imitated by her fans and even fellow celebrities. And who could think she was the person behind those looks.

lamb designs

Since an early age Gwen Stefani has been remaking her dresses and other clothing pieces in order to look more modern and polished. When she felt she wanted this on a bigger scale she started L.A.M.B. fashion line, which is now loved by millions. Gwen isn’t going to stop on what she’s already achieved. She longs for more and we can only encourage her.

jessica simpson

3. Jessica Simpson. She’s built a fashion empire worth a billion dollars but couldn’t develop her own style. She designs wonderful pieces but dresses like a slob. We don’t know what her problem is but we do know Jessica is good at designing, much better than in singing and probably this is why she is focused on fashion now.

jessica simpson designs

She has said the secret of her success in fashion industry is that she creates things for real women, not for celebrities, because real women often can’t look like celebrities no matter how much they aspire to it.

justin timberlake

4. Justin Timberlake. No one could expect that Justin would become a fashion designer but in 2006 he teamed up with a friend Trace Ayala and the two launched William Rast label.

william rast designs

Since then on every season the duo have presented their ranges that are a big success with Timberlake’s fans and fashionistas all over the world.

jennifer lopez

5. Jennifer Lopez. She launched her first fashion line in 2003 and since then a few more ranges were presented to public. However, her fame of a singer overshadows the popularity of her fashion designs. But while Jennifer hasn’t succeeded in selling her clothes she has made good money on perfume. People love her fragrances and each year she sells loads of bottles.

jlo designs

This list could also include such stars as Madonna, Dannii Minogue, Beth Ditto and others but I want to stop here because the five mentioned above have made a lot and they really deserve being named the best.

  • Jessica Simpson!!! really? Coz I always thought she dresses like @#$%^

  • This post is misleading – the VAST majority of celebrity lines are NOT designed by the celebrities themselves. They hire designers.