Cara Delevingne Teams Up with Mulberry: Bag Line

Cara Delevingne & Mulberry Bag
Cara Delevingne & Mulberry Bag

Cara Delevingne is an extremely outstanding lady. Not only is she a talented model who signs contracts with numerous brands, but also she has other hobbies and briliant sides. For instance, the latest news made all her fans super excited and delighted. It couldn’t be otherwise, because Cara collaborated with Mulberyy to release a limited collection of bags. How awesome is that? Not all the models are honored to work with such high-end brands in the first place. And when it comes to designing pieces, only a few can be proud of such an experience. And it is incredibly cool that Cara is among this few.

Mulberry Bags by Cara Delevingne

When Mulberry announced about a secret project it was about to launch, people had many thoughts on their minds. However, I can bet that no one could expect such an outcome. Yes, we all know that Cara has been the face of the brand for a couple of seasons by now. Yet, one has to be a future teller to predict such things. Nevertheless, everyone is pretty much satisfied with the mystery’s resolution. Bags designed by Cara sound to be very stylish and engaging.

I am pretty sure you will fall in love with the accessories, just the way we fall for everything that Cara shares. “The bag (which is made in England) is a three-in-one carry-all and features a heart shaped patch based off of Cara’s tattoo.”

Of course, the stunner starred in the ad campaign herself, holding the saucy pieces and shining, as always. I can’t wait to spot an image of a celebrity with Cara’s bag and to start the count of all those people who are fond of the British model. Take a look at the photos below and enjoy the style and beauty of Mulberry bags.