Angelina Jolie: Boring Red Carpet Style

There is hardly a person who will argue on the fact that Angelina Jolie is one of world’s most beautiful women and best actresses. However, she isn’t the most stylish. Her wardrobe definitely lacks color and designs of her red-carpet dresses aren’t either diverse or interesting.

Angelina Jolie 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Talking about colors I can say Angelina Jolie usually opts for the safe black. It is quite understandable, on the one hand, because wherever you go the black dress is suitable and looks elegant. Besides, it has a slimming effect that is so important in the era when skinny means beautiful. On the other hand, black isn’t the best in attracting attention as it is in the human nature to focus on bright things. And Angelina obviously loses in the game of color.

Angelina Jolie 81st Annual Academy Awards

Unfortunately Angelina isn’t very particular about designs of her dresses either. She prefers baggy, shapeless pieces that cover her body down to her toes. She might be trying to hide the imperfections of her figure or weight fluctuation with this type of clothing but in the result she just looks unfashionable.

Angelina Jolie 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

Nevertheless, it would be unfair not to mention that when Jolie was pregnant these dresses looked fantastic on her. They hugged the protruding bump and made the actress look like a charming mummy-to-be.

Angelina Jolie Kung Fu Panda Premiere in Cannes Pregnant

From time to time Angelina Jolie wears clinging dresses that look sexy. These are mostly black but look great. I do love the strapless leather frock the 35-year-old donned to Basterds Premiere in Hollywood.

Angelina Jolie Basterds Premiere in hollywood

What is interesting to note is that Angelina seems to be trying to match her evening outfits with her partner Brad Pitt’s suits. When the couple appear at glam events together they often wear clothing of the black color. It looks like the duo have found the best-looking match and keep using it again and again.

Angelina Jolie British Academy Film Awards 2009

To conclude, I will say I’m not into Angelina Jolie’s fashion style and believe it is really boring. Such woman can find a good stylist to dress her if she is unable to do it herself. It remains a mystery to me why Angelina doesn’t do that.

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  • I agree- she does lack color a lot of the time. Even though she manages to pull it off, she looks gorgeous in bright colors.

  • Her dresses are far from exotic not to compare with Lady Gaga. She has great body and I think she could wear something more expressive.

  • I think she looks great in the first photo TBH… but the rest she could do better.

  • Why? Because she doesn’t need anything to attract attention. Her style works for her. It’s elegant, understated and makes you look at her, not what she is wearing. She does not HAVE to be like everyone else and wear color just for the sake of wearing color..

  • That’s because she doesn’t need it. She’s stunning without out extreme fashionista effort. She’s a natural.

  • Believe it or not, I will argue on the fact that Angelina Jolie is one of the world’s most beautiful women and best actresses. Because she’s neither.

  • It looks like she doesn’t have a stylist and it’s very clear that she is in desperate need of a good one. Angelina, if you do not have a stylist, get one. And if you do, you need to fire the one you have and hire a new one, especially since she seems to love the red carpet, now that she has you know who.