OMG! What Is Drew Barrymore Wearing??? – Barrymore’s Worst Red Carpet Dresses

Something’s definitely wrong about Drew Barrymore’s fashion sense. Sometimes her red carpet options are simply fabulous but more often she wears horrible unflattering dresses of ludicrous colors and questionable silhouettes. When I saw the gown the actress donned to CoverGirl’s 50th Anniversary Celebration I nearly screamed. It was her most awful look ever.

drew barrymore

Drew Barrymore attended CoverGirl’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in a Jil Sander dress of a flashy orange color. The strapless design looked very ill-fitting.

drew barrymore 2010 sag awards

At 2010 SAG Awards Drew Barrymore appeared in a custom Monique Lhuillier gown that made her look at least ten years older. The hue just didn’t match her complexion and the hair was bad.

Drew Barrymore Lucky You Premiere

One more example of Drew Barrymore’s extremely bad taste was the green Christian Dior dress she wore to the premiere of her film Lucky You.

These are the three worst Drew Barrymore’s red carpet dresses ever. There were others but they were bearable.

What do you think about Drew Barrymore’s red carpet options? Which dresses would like to add?

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  • is lightinthe box clothing like berry look clothing it was a disaster for me?

  • I do/did love Drew Barrymore as I kind of grew up with her, but dang it. Not only is she a horrible dresser, which I would never hold against her, as I support all styles. What I do NOT support is her shooting for Cover Girl. Cover Girl is known for animal testing. Sorry to say, but fashion wise or any other way, I can no longer support Drew. Now, look at Halle Berry. She does shoots for Revlon. Look it up folks. One of the only major cosmetic companies that don’t test on animals. Go Halle!

  • you’re crazy

  • I actually really like the Christian Dior dress. I find the S/S 2007 collection to be overall amazing and this dress is no exception. Yes, the Jil Sander dress is ill fitting, but it’s not all bad. Maybe is she had used a belt to creat a waste, it would’ve worked.

  • well nice collection

  • I agree with Kelly.Clinique, Almay and Revlon are the only brands out there that do not test. I used CG growing up, because I never knew. Now that i do, barely anything in my house has been tested on animals. There ARE other options out there.

  • Which leads me to hink do we really need Revlon?

  • she’s still pretty…

  • Dear Anonymous,
    Do you really see the need to be a troll in a thread about not testing cosmetics on animals?
    Give these girls a break; they are doing the right thing.

  • who cares if its tested on animals its just makeup

  • What about the green dress where she didn’t wear a bra, the dress that I clicked on to read this, but wasn’t one of the bad dresses. That green dress was the worst, these are not that bad.

  • I appalled cover girl for keeping our animals beautiful

  • They inject various cosmetics into the skin of animals and do other painful torturous tests. They don’t just play dress up doll with the animals. Look it up.

  • Don’t you mean…”applaud?”

  • I agree… really bad dresser.

    She should give it up and be naked all the time.

  • wtf???? i dont care how badly she dresses and she does have a bad sense of fashion she’s still hot!

  • really guys? Drew Barrymoe the best. I don’t think you have a clue in fashion if you think these are the worst dresses. Paris Hilson is probably the most trashiest person on the red carpet at the moment, she should be there!

  • Move on hippies, we’re opening 3 new nuclear plants and you think a little testing on animals is bad. Try investigating the local zones around your beloved makeup factories and what goes into them. Its not roses thats for damn sure.

  • So, while you’re picking on Drew Barrymore, I do hope that you yourself look smashingly gorgeous and hot, though I suspect you look like a lot more like the mother in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” than a Victoria’s Secret Model.

  • haha! I really find it hard to believe that there are people out there who actually give a shit about what other people wear! Are you guys for real? Get a life people!

  • well if your not that bothered then why are you even looking on this page and even commenting?

  • I actually like the orange and green dresses, they’re super cute, and I don’t think theylook bad on her at all. The blue one giving her pancake boob on the other hand.. blah!

  • Avon does not test on animals either

  • you do know that actually all companies test on animals – they have to its part of the safety, they just do it sneakily through external companies

  • the orange dress looks more like a sack.she’s gorgeous.i think her stylist was drunk when she chooses these dresses

  • Let Drew Barrymore do her Cover Girl ads – the one I think shouldn’t be doing them is Ellen DeGenerate – the make up is called Cover “Girl” – and Ellen isn’t – she is a freak of nature.

  • What do you have against Drew Barrymore’s hair and her clothing…She is a beautiful lady and looks very attractive…Everyone should have her style and beautiful face…what is wrong with you..That was mean to post a picture with the big boobs…nothing like her at all..

  • Her dress is elegant, what more do u ask for?

  • Im sorry to say but Drew Barrymore is the ugliest holywood big screen actress of all times.

  • who cares what anyone else wears except for people who have nothing else to do with their boring lives

  • the onlyone that is bad is the green one that made me read this in the first place

  • The green one is nice.

  • When I look at Dru all I can think of is, do your boobs hang low, do they wobble to and fro, can you tie them in a knot or tie them in a bow….yup

  • Drew Barrymore is looking so goddess in that pictures.


  • you guys are silly, but everyone has their right to an opionion.

  • You obviously have no fashion sense yourself because all those dresses are beautiful and fresh. Also, there is a difference between ‘matching’ and ‘suiting’ so if her complexion was to match her dress she would have to be completely blue herself; do you know of any blue people? Because I don’t.

  • so get a new stylist for heavensake – and what is the deal with the matte makeup look it looks like its all one color with no definition on her eyes or lips

  • I like that yellow thing, and I would wear for halloween costume. Otherwise, I’d cut the frilly bottom off, but it made me think of a candy wrapper. She does have some unusual tastes though… that other weird green dress and then the on that made her boobs look huge and nipples poking through, lol. Her fashion faux pas are too funny though. Like super fun super cute, and I would never call them horrible, say jessica parker or flynn boyle stuff.

  • I still think she is pretty no matter what she wears

  • everyone has their own sense of style thats why i say that fashion is a bunch of oppinions.

  • In the first dress she looks like a goldfish.

  • dress number 2 is cute, she just needs to stop slowching and has to get a push up bra, then she’s all sett!

  • What all these replies show is one persons beauty is anothers ugh! of the three dresses -I dislike the orange one the most.Drew looks ill in the blue one and of the three the green is the best on her.

  • PS-No one could look good in the orange one!

  • Drew’s orange dress is really odd. leaving her taste nw

  • I really like the uniqueness of her choices in clothing and i dont think you should be so harsh. im sure you have some clothing that others would find horrible but they dont make a hugly public site about how they think your clothing looks. The orange dress made her look absolutly wonderful in the way she had intended, mabye your not as openminded as others are,amd that blue dress was fantastic, the hue worked wonderfuly with her skin tone, and her hair was great, and lastly the wonderfuly creative texture of the fabric ans the mixed direction of the folds and frill went fantasticly with the shape and style of her hair, i also think the color of her bright red lips and her orangy red hair went teriffic with her sea green wave like dress. Drew has a fantastic sense in fashion and she sould not be so rudly critisised.

  • she looks pale…shun the gold yellow..does not fit her at all