10 Secrets Of Ideal Wardrobe

Every girl has felt that fantastic rush of adrenalin when you see something really cute and stylish in the shop. What do you do in such a situation? Fetch the piece and hurry to the changing room, and then, after you fall in love with it even stronger your brain stops working and you can barely estimate the real practical value of the piece for your wardrobe. In the result your closet is bloated but you still have nothing to wear. You get your wallet and a handbag and go shopping again. Full circle. Want to avoid that? Read these simple but useful secrets of an ideal wardrobe.

fashionable girl

1. The higher the heels the better!

It is common truth that high heels make legs look longer and more slender. But you might not be aware of one more fact – heels give you diversity. It means high heels can suit anything from formal suit to casual denim outfit. The rule is: the higher the heel the easier you can adapt it to the occasion. Average-height and kitten heels are stable and comfy, but they aren’t as versatile. Spike heels are the best but if you can’t walk well in those opt for high chunky heels of an unusual shape.

2. Size and fit are important
All your clothes should be right of your size and fit perfectly. If they don’t you feel awkward and look bad. Besides, pay attention to the balance of your figure and proportions. For example, ideal top length is just below your belt. Short jacket looks great with jeans, shirt or t-shirt. Cropped pants should finish at the widest part of your ankle and will look good with high heels, flats or ankle boots.

3. Classic rocks!
Instead of fully renewing the wardrobe every season you can invest into classic pieces that will always be in fashion. They will be the basis of your wardrobe which you can dilute using bright details.
Classic pieces worth investing into:
– Trench coat
– Leather jacket
– Little black dress
– Jacket in Chanel style
– Neutral colored shirts and t-shirts

4. Play with color!
It’s elusive to think that if you fill up your closet with pieces of total black color you’ll have versatile wardrobe. You need color to splash to avoid looking like you’re at the office all the time. There are a couple of ways you can change your style using colors. For instance, a bright t-shirt seen from a V-sweater or a cardigan, loud accessories with a classic suit or a simple dress – will look appropriate both at work and at the party.


5. Invest into basic things first.
Have you ever planned your look around a brooch or a scarf? I have, and I was wrong. It’s always effective to buy expensive and basic items first: a coat, dress, suit, etc. When you have those already start looking for less significant items like accessories or small details.

6. Find a perfect-fitting pair of jeans
I will be right to say jeans are the basic item for lots of people. So, it’s essential to focus on the good pair. Make sure your jeans finish just 5mm over the bottom of the heel.

7. Be careful with vintage clothes.
Vintage outfit will turn you into the queen of the night or the girl who has no taste in clothing. When you look for vintage items at sales and flea markets take a few rules into consideration: the older the piece the more different the size measurement and proportions are. So, you need to try everything. Second, make sure there are no dirty spots on the item because you’ll hardly be able to get rid of them. Instead of looking chic you can end up looking scruffy.

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8. Make your imagination fly.
If you have an item that you like very much but it just doesn’t fit in your look don’t hurry to put it away. Think for a minute and make necessary corrections. Experiment with belts because they can change the silhouette. Don’t forget about brooches, scarves, kerchiefs and other stuff. Buy transformer things, look at street style of other people, and runway looks. The livelier your wardrobe is the better.

9. Don’t make fuss.
Researchers have proved that we decide on buying a piece within three first seconds from the moment we see it. It’s too little. So, don’t make fuss and take your time to understand whether you really need it or not.

10. Break rules!
I know I’ve just listed the rules you should follow when creating looks. But rules can be broken sometimes. For example, if your shoes match your bag which matches your gloves which c your scarf you’ll look good but too traditional. Make an accent on something that will show your inventiveness. Black dress with bright shoes is a perfect decision but adding just another bright detail is too predictable. Black with red is beautiful but black with silver is more unexpected.

Well, that’s all. I hope you find these tips useful.