Fashion Rules You CAN Break

Fashion changes and things, which were considered inappropriate in the past, are normal now. Every rule our grandmothers have followed blindly is broken now. And this isn’t bad as when people break a rule they invent something new, they express their unique personalities and make this world different and more interesting. Let’s speak about 5 fashion rules we never follow now, but the previous generation did:


Rule #1: You shouldn’t clash prints
This rule is pretty outdated considering the fact everyone mixes prints now, not only fashionistas and bloggers but also designers, right on the runway. Just have a look at Mary Katrantzou, Peter Pilotto, D&G, Betsey Johnson and Preen’s collection and you will see how beautiful and stylish a combination of prints can look.


Rule #2: The older you are the lower your hemline should be
Beauty technologies have advanced so much that a 40-year-old lady can look as good as a 25-year-old girl, and her body can be even more toned and fit. For example, Jennifer Aniston, Andie McDowell, or Claudia Schiffer look younger than some of our friends in their 20s. Besides, as Joan Collins once said, ‘Age is just a number.’ And if you look gorgeous, why hide it only because someone think it is inappropriate for you to show some flesh? If your legs look great, put them on the display! (But don’t go for minis, they look cool only on teenagers.)


Rule #3: You should match your shoes and bags
Some time ago this was a really important rule no one could break. Now everything has changed. You should no longer match your bag to your shoes. You can do quite the opposite: make a contrast with them.


Rule #4: You should never wear tights or socks with open-toed shoes
Many women wear socks and tights with their open-toed shoes now, including stars like Rihanna and Alexa Chung. Such a combination can look very bold and edgy, but make sure the seams don’t show across the toe, as this is completely unforgivable.


Rule #5: Underwear shouldn’t be seen through your clothes
This rule is very old and hardly followed by fashion-conscious ladies. Designers create plenty of stylish garments in sheer materials which show everything you wear underneath. There is nothing wrong about it. Just ensure that you wear a really nice bra under your blouse or top. As for sheer skirts or pants, they are still inappropriate. No matter how beautiful your panties are, they should be hidden.

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