Mullet Dress – Trendy Hit!

Mullet dresses are again with us. To add to this, they have become really trendy during Fall 2011. See how celebrities pull the popular design off and read a few rules to follow to create the right look with a mullet.

Mullet dresses look fabulous. They are feminine, sexy and stylish. They make you look like a princess but you never look over the top. They are versatile. And they have become a trendy hit again.


Mullet dresses are easy to wear. But a few rules still have to be followed to create the best impression. First, you have to decide how long you want your front hemline to be. If you have beautiful slender legs you can choose a mini version (but don’t go too mini if you want to look appropriate!). Or you can opt for a longer hemline to leave just your sandals visible in case you feel insecure about legs or just want little exposure down there to make people focus on something else (your neckline, for instance).


Your second step is to decide on the length of your back hemline. You can try a long train for an evening occasion or shorter variant for a cocktail party or a casual look.

brooklyn-decker mullet dress

Next think of the actual design of the dress you would like to wear. It can be simple and sculpted, or chic, full and flouncy. You can even consider rocking a huge puffy mullet dress (remember Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress by Alexander McQueen at the Sex And The City 2 premiere).


The last but not the least thing to consider is the type of shoe to wear with a mullet dress. Heels are the only option and the higher the better. Flats don’t work with mullets.

By the way, designers have made loads of mullet dresses for Spring/ Summer 2012 fashion season. See how Michael Kors, Betsey Johnson and Marchesa see the new mullet. And compare that to the ideas from Mary Katrantzou, Bebe and Emilio Pucci for the nest season.


Now you know that mullets are again in fashion and you are aware of the ways one should wear them to look best. So, why not star looking for a perfect one to impress your friends?

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