Who Wore Emilio Pucci Better: Gwyneth Paltrow OR Kim Kardashian?

With such a great variety of red-carpet-ready dresses offered by designers nowadays it seems ridiculous to repeat someone’s fashion choices. But it happens. Some stars don’t monitor fashion at glam events and others just like being compared (especially if that comparison shows them in the better light) and get as much attention as possible. Kim Kardashian clearly belongs to the second group as it is not the first time that she has worn an outfit another celerity tried before her (Just remember the hot discussion of an Alexander McQueen dress Kim and Victoria Beckham both wore last year!). I have raised this question because it took place again. Kim Kardashian donned a chic Emilio Pucci design to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival recently. And exactly the same attire was rocked by Gwyneth Paltrow last year at the 2011 Emmy Awards. The question is: who wore the black sexy creation better?

Emilio Pucci Design: Gwyneth Paltrow Vs Kim Kardashian



Both Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian have been praised for their figures. While Gwyneth likes demonstrating her thin waist and super long and slender legs, Kim prefers to emphasize her curves. Emilio Pucci black lace design, which is composed of a cropped top and a maxi skirt, looked great on both. But considering the fact there always must be winner in such a situation, I think it would wise to ask you to express your opinions. Who do you think looked better in this ensemble?

P.S. I think its Kim who wore it better. But my opinion should in no way influence yours!

  • To my mind, Gwyneth looks much more elegant in that dress! Kim also looks nice, but that dress is too much for her curves. It’s my personal opinion.

  • I think the exact opposite of Fashionisers; I think that Gwyneth is too straight up and down to pull this off. i think that Kim’s curves gives this gorgeous outfit just what it needs.

  • Gwyneth looks more elegant and more “stylish”. Kim’s curves are to much for this outfit.

  • Kim wore this look better because she fills it out much more then Gwyneth and it really puts her curves on display!!!!!!

  • In reality, everyone above is right in their respective criticisms, and neither one should have worn it. Gwyneth has no waist and Kim’s behind looks too wide in the beige underskirt. That said, I’d still vote for Kim, at least it’s sexier on her curves.

  • The area where I come from (Africa) curves are priced and so most people will go for Kim’s look. For me I also like the way it is on Kim esp since the jump of the top helped to distract from what would have been her usual too clingy outfits. Personally I advice girls who are not as curvy to always wear something that is a bit away from their hips to create the illusion of curvaceousness.

  • ARE YOU KIDDING? even tho Kim’s characteristics go well with the dress, her curves don’t do the dress justice. the seams seem to be tearing open in embarrassing places. Gwyneth looks daring in the contrast of her pale vs dark look and her slim figure does not disturb the patterns.
    Curvies, stay away from delicate artistic patterns. you shine in other looks.

  • Personally I think Kim. She just looks more pulled together and I love the way she fills out the dress. I think that style dress in particular needs a few curves. Gwyneth should have put her hair up in a loose bun of some sort. It just looks messy.

  • My 100% goes to kim, a dress comes alive when one can show its definition !