5 Best Jeans For Petite Frames


Petite ladies (that is, those of us standing at or under 5ft 4ins) have a hard time finding jeans. Whether we’re wrestling with miles of unnecessary length or battling the misconception that petite equates to a size 0 (it doesn’t – short women come in every dress size imaginable!), there’s plenty for pint-sized shoppers to contend with. However, the good news is that there are lots of jeans available for ladies of smaller stature.

The skinny jeans

Victoria Beckham jeans

You don’t have to be a skinny girl to wear skinny jeans. Granted, slim petites will have an easier time getting into a pair of this design, but classic skinnies look great on curvy girls too. Opt for a darker denim wash to lengthen your pins, and look for styles with clever pockets, embellishments and stitching to enhance a peachy bum! Because skinny jeans can’t drag on the floor, regular pairs such as Superdry jeans can fit well. Just select a low-rise and the shortest leg length possible.

The boyfriend jeans


The boyfriend jeans is a popular choice right now – that ‘I just rolled out of bed and picked these up off the floor’ look is casual, tomboyish and totally laid back. Petite girls can nail the trend by belting their pair at the waist and rolling up the cuffs to a height that feels right.

If you’re trying to avoid your small stature being overwhelmed by shapeless styles, opt for a slender fit and a tapered ankle. We’d also add a high heel to add some extra length to this look.

The bootcut jeans

Victoria Beckham bootcut jeans

The bootcut jeans is an in-between-style that comfortably straddles the trend for skinnies and flares; so if you’d prefer to sit in the middle of the road, this could be the style for you! Balancing out rounder hips with a hem that hovers just above the floor, you’ll trick everyone into thinking your legs are far longer and slimmer than they actually are. Plus, this shape emphasises small waists and generous busts, giving you an hourglass figure.

The flared jeans

Flared jeans

Petites are always told to avoid flares as the wide bottom will make you look shorter. We disagree… the trick is to pick a flare that is narrower than the width of your hips. Done right, flared jeans will make your legs look as though they go on forever and will give you a gorgeous curve on your hip. However, be sure to buy a pair designed specifically for petites: re-hemming these will alter the shape of the flare and diminish the effect.

The straight leg jeans

Victoria Beckham

Consider these as the more forgiving sister of the skinny jeans… hugging your legs to add length without making your hips look wider, and skimming the outer edges to slim down pins, straight legged jeans are great for petite women of all shapes. If you want to appear a little taller, opt for a dark wash, an ankle length hem and a stretchy fabric. Just avoid cuffing the bottom or choosing anything with big embellishments as this will only shorten your legs.